Saturday, 25 May 2024

Nordic Games CEO Discusses Acquisition of THQ Intellectual Properties

Nordic Games

Nordic Games Publishing has made headlines with its surprise acquisition of various intellectual properties from the bankrupt THQ. Lars Wingefors, CEO of Nordic Games, sat down with Game Informer to discuss his company’s history and plans for beloved franchises like Darksiders and Red Faction.

A Legacy in the Gaming Industry

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Wingefors has a deep understanding of the commercial viability of these IPs. Nordic Games Publishing has a successful business, Game Outlet Europe, which has been declining. To revitalize the company, Wingefors decided to invest the profits into acquiring THQ’s IPs.

Long-Term Discussions with THQ

Contrary to public perception, Nordic Games had been in conversation with THQ since January, signing all necessary agreements at the time. While Nordic Games did not participate in the auction in February due to financial constraints, Wingefors remained interested in acquiring Darksiders and Red Faction.

Collaboration with Creative Developers

Wingefors acknowledges that Nordic Games is not a creative development studio. However, he recognizes the potential in these IPs and respects the original creators. Nordic Games is open to collaborating with the right team to create great sequels. Wingefors has already received inquiries from interested parties.

Exploring All Options

Nordic Games Publishing has not had official discussions with Crytek USA, but they are exploring various partnership options. Wingefors believes it will take time to develop quality games and has no plans to rush sequels. He assures fans that Nordic Games will not release subpar versions of beloved franchises.

Acquiring Multiple IPs

Nordic Games faced competition in acquiring most of THQ’s titles, particularly Red Faction, Titan Quest, and Darksiders. The company paid a premium price for the entire collection, recognizing the value THQ had placed on them. Acquiring all the IPs allows Nordic Games to benefit from economies of scale and streamline legal costs.

Exciting Future Prospects

With a diverse portfolio of IPs, Nordic Games Publishing has many options to explore. Wingefors expresses his love for MX vs ATV and sees potential in creating a new installment. Titan Quest has also generated significant interest, and a sequel is a possibility. While there are no definite plans, Wingefors is hopeful for announcements, potentially as early as this summer.


Q: When will we see new games from Nordic Games Publishing?
A: While Nordic Games is open to releasing games soon, specific release dates are uncertain. Discussions will likely take place at E3, and the company is flexible in finding the right partners.

Q: Will Nordic Games retain the original creative vision of these franchises?
A: Nordic Games understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of these IPs. They are committed to working with talented developers who can create worthy sequels.


Nordic Games Publishing’s acquisition of THQ’s intellectual properties marks an exciting new chapter for the company. With their experience and strategic approach, Nordic Games is poised to deliver new installments of beloved franchises while respecting their original essence. Fans can look forward to a future filled with sequels that capture the spirit of these iconic titles.