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The Making Of Assassin’s Creed III Cover

Game Informer receives numerous inquiries about the captivating cover images featured in each issue. Have you ever wondered where they come from? Who creates them? Who writes the attention-grabbing headlines? In this article, we will reveal the fascinating process behind the creation of the Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III cover.

Collaboration and Creativity

Months before the cover is unveiled, Game Informer editors engage in discussions with the game’s publisher, Ubisoft. Together, they exchange ideas and concepts for the potential art. These discussions take place before the final artwork is even created. In the case of Assassin’s Creed III, Ubisoft Montreal collaborated with Xavier Thomas (aka SeedSeven), a talented freelance artist with eight years of experience working on major Ubisoft titles. Thomas says, “My work is more of a collaborative experience with the development team.”

Immersion and Evolution

Every cover image is meticulously crafted to generate excitement and provide hints about the upcoming game. Thomas aimed to immerse gamers from the moment they laid eyes on the Assassin’s Creed III cover. The image introduced the new hero, Connor, while retaining the iconic Assassin’s Creed style. Thomas explains, “The assassin outfit has evolved and offers new possibilities for the game.”

Weapons and Environments

The choice of weapons plays a crucial role in establishing the character’s identity. Connor’s tomahawk and bow in the cover image provide a glimpse into the gameplay possibilities of Assassin’s Creed III. The snow-covered background suggests dynamic weather and wilderness environments. Thomas adds, “Environments are more organic and give you a cool idea of where a part of the game will take place.”

The Wraparound Cover

Game Informer’s use of a wraparound cover image allows for different perspectives and interpretations. The image invites readers to contemplate whether the hero is with or against the soldiers. The perspective changes depending on whether the magazine is open or closed, creating an interactive experience.

Alex Ross’ Contribution

In addition to the main cover image, Game Informer had the opportunity to feature a second cover based on art commissioned from Alex Ross. Ross is a renowned comics artist, having worked on projects ranging from Spider-Man to the Academy Awards. He brought his unique style to the Assassin’s Creed III cover, incorporating his signature watercolor technique.

The Design Process

Ross made slight adjustments to the figure’s position and the elements held as weapons to ensure a visually compelling composition. He desired to depict the face of the character, even if partially in shadow. Ross explains, “There were a lot of turnarounds from the video game they provided to me that illuminated what the character looked like, and I could then start off illustrating more than what they wanted to be seen and bury it gradually in greater darkness.” Ross’ final image showcases a front and back view of Connor, providing a cooler and more focused design.

Bringing It All Together

Once the cover art is finalized, Game Informer’s editors meticulously prepare it for publication. A layout artist arranges the art on the cover, adjusts colors for print quality, and adds logos and other features. Editors discuss and experiment with various headline options to find the perfect match for the cover. Even minor details, like the color of the dot above the “i” in the Game Informer logo, receive thorough consideration.


The creation of a Game Informer cover is an intricate collaboration between talented artists, editors, and publishers. Through careful planning and attention to detail, the covers aim to captivate readers and ignite their imagination. Stay tuned for more exciting details about Assassin’s Creed III in the coming weeks!


Q: How do Game Informer editors choose the cover image?
A: Game Informer editors work closely with game publishers to discuss potential cover art and concepts well in advance of release.

Q: Who are the artists behind the covers of Game Informer?
A: Game Informer collaborates with talented artists, such as Xavier Thomas and Alex Ross, to create stunning cover artwork.

Q: What role do weapons and environments play in the cover image?
A: Weapons and environments in the cover image provide insights into the gameplay possibilities and setting of the game.

Q: How is the Game Informer cover prepared for publication?
A: Skilled layout artists arrange the cover art, adjust colors, and add logos to ensure a visually appealing final product.

Q: What considerations are given to headlines on the cover?
A: Editors engage in discussions and experiments to find the perfect headline that complements the cover image.

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