Friday, 24 May 2024

Arise: A Simple Story Review

Arise: A Simple Story is a captivating and thought-provoking game that explores the complexities of life and death through the lens of a man’s journey. With its emotionally charged narrative and unique gameplay mechanics, it offers a truly immersive experience. While the platforming mechanics may have their flaws, they do not detract from the overall impact of the game.

A Journey Through Critical Moments

In Arise: A Simple Story, players embark on a journey through ten levels that represent significant moments in the protagonist’s life. From themes like romance and grief to family and depression, the game delves into profound topics that resonate with players. Each level is visually distinct, capturing the essence of the memories that shaped the protagonist’s life.

In one level, players experience the nostalgia of a childhood memory, where everything appears larger than life. In another, the protagonist confronts depression as a crowd of shadowy figures pursues him. The visual design of each level truly brings these moments to life, communicating emotions through a visual language.

The Power of Time and Memory

A unique aspect of Arise: A Simple Story is the use of time manipulation. Players can fast forward or rewind time using the right analog stick, allowing them to navigate through the crucial moments in the protagonist’s life. This mechanic serves as a metaphor for the way we remember important junctures, capturing the before, during, and after with a depth that is difficult to describe. It also adds a layer of puzzle-solving and exploration to the gameplay, making it a captivating experience.

An Emotional Journey

Arise: A Simple Story excels in delivering a narrative and thematic experience that resonates with players. The game achieves this through a beautifully orchestrated score, collectible art images that enrich the memories, and meticulous level design. Its focus on the universal aspects of emotions ensures that players can connect with the highs and lows of the protagonist’s journey. Joyful moments are uplifting, and the lows are genuinely crushing, creating an emotional rollercoaster that immerses players in the narrative.

A Few Hurdles Along the Way

While Arise: A Simple Story shines in many aspects, there are occasional stumbling blocks. Some of the platforming and traversal mechanics are imprecise, leading to frustrating moments and instances where immersion is broken. The absence of a manual camera rotation exacerbates these issues. However, it is important to note that these problems are not constant and do not overshadow the overall impact of the game.


Despite its shortcomings, Arise: A Simple Story is a game that succeeds in delivering its message with delicacy and sensitivity. The narrative and thematic vibrancy leave a lasting impression, with scenes frequently returning to mind long after the game is completed. Embrace the occasional challenges in the gameplay and embrace the emotional core of this simple yet profound story. Arise: A Simple Story is filled with wisdom and is an experience worth exploring.


Q: Is Arise: A Simple Story available on multiple platforms?
A: Yes, Arise: A Simple Story is available on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Q: How long does it take to complete Arise: A Simple Story?
A: The duration of the game depends on individual gameplay styles, but on average, it takes around 6-8 hours to complete.

Q: Is Arise: A Simple Story suitable for all age groups?
A: While the game deals with mature themes, it can be enjoyed by players of various age groups. However, it is recommended for players aged 13 and above.

Q: Are there any additional features or modes in Arise: A Simple Story?
A: Arise: A Simple Story focuses primarily on its narrative-driven gameplay. It does not include additional multiplayer or competitive modes.

Q: Can I replay specific levels in Arise: A Simple Story?
A: Yes, once you complete the game, you can revisit specific levels to relive the memories and further explore the story.

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