Friday, 24 May 2024

A Bee’s Unintended Impact on the Iconic Beginning of Skyrim

The beginning of Skyrim is undoubtedly iconic, with its memorable scene of riding in a cart towards your execution and the infamous “you’re finally awake” line that has become a staple in memes. But did you know that one tiny bee almost ruined it all?

Nate Purkeypile, a former developer at Bethesda who worked on Skyrim, recently shared an interesting tidbit about the challenges faced during the development of this particular scene. Bugs and glitches are nothing new for Bethesda games, but in this case, it was a literal bug that caused some unexpected issues.

In a social media thread, Purkeypile explained that the cart ride at the beginning of the game is not a simple scripted sequence; it is a physically simulated experience. This means that even the smallest details, like the smoothness of the road or the physics of the cart, can have a significant impact on how the scene plays out. If the road was too bumpy or the physics calculations were slightly off, the cart could go haywire and veer off the intended path.

But what makes this story truly amusing is the unexpected behavior of the cart. At one point, it started shaking uncontrollably and suddenly shot up into the sky like a rocket ship. It turns out that there was a mysterious culprit behind this bizarre occurrence—an immovable bee.

The developers later discovered that there was a bug in the game where the bee couldn’t be picked up. This seemingly minor issue had unintended consequences, as the collision settings applied to the bee made it behave like an immovable force of nature. As a result, the bee’s presence interfered with the cart’s intended movement, leading to the creation of these cart rocket ships.

This behind-the-scenes anecdote serves as a reminder of the complexities of game development. Fixing one issue can inadvertently introduce new challenges. This is especially true for open-world games like Skyrim, where various systems interact with each other in intricate ways. Despite the difficulties faced, it is these interplays between systems that make games like Skyrim incredibly engaging.

So the next time something unexpected happens in a game, remember that it might just be the bees. Nevertheless, it’s important to appreciate the value of bees and the essential role they play in our environment.

Skyrim Bee


Q: Was the bee issue the only bug encountered during Skyrim’s development?
A: No, Bethesda games are known for their share of bugs and glitches. However, the bee bug in this particular scene was an amusing example of how even the smallest details can have unintended consequences.

Q: Are bees significant in Skyrim gameplay?
A: Bees themselves don’t play a significant role in gameplay, but this incident highlights the interconnectedness of the game’s systems and the unexpected ways they can influence each other.

Q: Can players still encounter the cart rocket ship bug in the game?
A: No, the bee bug and its associated issues were fixed during development, ensuring a smoother and more consistent experience for players.


The story of the bee that almost ruined the beginning of Skyrim sheds light on the challenges and intricacies of game development. It’s a reminder that even seemingly minor bugs can have amusing and unexpected effects on the final product. As players, we have the opportunity to appreciate the complex interplay of systems that make open-world games like Skyrim so fascinating. And while we may encounter glitches along the way, let’s not forget the importance of bees in the real world and the need to protect these vital pollinators.