Thursday, 16 May 2024

A Closer Look at Halo: Reach’s Forgeworld

I recently had the opportunity to dive into the world of Halo: Reach for two action-packed days. During my 20 hours of gameplay, I not only completed the thrilling campaign and enjoyed countless multiplayer matches but also spent some quality time exploring the all-new Forgeworld. As a gamer, I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements made to the Forge mode in Reach compared to Halo 3. The user-friendly interface and expanded creative possibilities offered in Forgeworld left me impressed and eager to unleash my imagination.

Unleashing Creativity in Forgeworld

One of my proudest creations in Forgeworld was a Capture the Flag (CTF) map called “Rock Monster.” This map featured two colossal titans composed mainly of massive stones engaged in a fierce battle. The image above captures the epic showdown between Rock Monster (on the left) and its opponent, aptly named Dragon Mountain.

Red Team’s flag sits atop Rock Monster’s head, providing an exciting challenge for players. Starting near the base of the mighty creature, Red Team can find jetpacks conveniently placed at its legs to aid their ascent towards Dragon Mountain. The platforms on Rock Monster’s body serve as stepping stones leading to the Blue flag, nestled securely within the mouth of the colossal Dragon Mountain.

The Treacherous Journey

Once inside Rock Monster’s mouth, players discover a man cannon propelling them straight into Dragon Mountain’s open mouth, where the Blue flag awaits. The journey is more perilous for the Red Team, as without a jetpack, the impact of the cannon launch could prove fatal. However, even if the Blue Team members meet their demise, they can still return the enemy flag, making it possible to sacrifice themselves strategically for a capture point.

Dragon Mountain, with its stunning blue flag and menacing land mine eyes, plays an equally important role in the CTF map. Blue Team starts on a mountain near Dragon Mountain and can utilize nearby jetpacks to navigate through a series of platforms and descend into the dragon’s mouth. From there, they must man cannon across a gap, landing on Rock Monster’s shoulder. Climbing a set of platforms, they finally reach the flag situated on Rock Monster’s head.

The Action Zone

Our gameplay experience confirmed that Rock Monster’s body serves as a hotspot for thrilling encounters between teams and flag carriers. It demands caution, as a misstep can result in a fatal fall. If the Blue Team successfully retrieves the Red flag, they must carefully drop down into the mouth cannon to launch back to Dragon Mountain’s mouth.

For those who prefer a less daring route, it’s possible to navigate between the monsters by skillfully jumping on Rock Monster’s stones. By timing their jumps just right, players can reach the Falcon, conveniently positioned between the giants. This vantage point proves ideal for intercepting mid-air enemies as they traverse between the monsters.

The Potential of Forge Tools

While my creation of Rock Monster may have been hastily assembled, it showcases the incredible potential of the new Forge tools in Reach. Despite my limited map editing experience, I was able to create a functional and exciting map within just 30 minutes. The more seasoned members of the Halo community are sure to produce spectacular creations using these tools in conjunction with the vast Forgeworld area.


Q: Can I play the Rock Monster CTF map on Halo: Reach?

A: Yes, the Rock Monster CTF map is available for play on Halo: Reach. You can download it from the Halo community or create your own version using the Forge mode.

Q: Are there any other creative maps in Forgeworld?

A: Absolutely! Forgeworld provides a canvas for endless possibilities. The Halo community has already produced a wide range of imaginative and captivating maps using the Forge tools and Forgeworld’s expansive environment.


Halo: Reach’s Forgeworld offers gamers an enhanced Forge mode, delivering a more user-friendly interface and expanded creative opportunities compared to its predecessor, Halo 3. Through my exploration of Forgeworld, I discovered the thrill of creating unique CTF maps, such as Rock Monster. The potential for imaginative and awe-inspiring creations within the Forge tools and the sprawling Forgeworld area is truly remarkable. So, grab your controller and get ready to unleash your creativity on Halo: Reach’s Forgeworld today.

Rock Monster and Dragon Mountain