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Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter Closes With Impressive Backer Support

Update: Steamforged Games’ Kickstarter campaign for the Dark Souls board game adaptation has officially come to a close. The campaign successfully raised an impressive £3,771,474 (approximately $5,417,610 based on current currency conversion) from dedicated backers.

In an effort to show appreciation for the overwhelming support received, Steamforged Games has decided to include the previously unreached stretch goals in the base game. This means that all consumer backers will receive the full set, regardless of the campaign falling short of the £4 million mark. The base game will include all the unlocked stretch goals, excluding the optional paid expansions.

For those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry! The Dark Souls board game will be available for purchase at retail stores when it launches. Steamforged Games has set a target shipping date of April 2017 for backers.

Dark Souls: A Phenomenon Beyond Video Games

Original Story (May 16, 2016 @ 10:27 a.m.)

Dark Souls has transcended the realm of video games to become a true phenomenon. Now, with the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign, Steamforged Games is bringing the “tough-but-fair” franchise to tabletops.

Steamforged Games’ Dark Souls campaign, which lasted 27 days, will wrap up soon. The campaign has far exceeded its initial goal, raising an astounding £3,581,556 ($5,073,784) – an astonishing 7163 percent of the original £50,000 ($70,832) goal.

Stretch Goals and Exciting Additions

The campaign’s stretch goals have allowed for significant additions to the game. Players can now enjoy a total of ten player classes, five bosses, fourteen grunt types, ten sets of armor, ten invaders (mini-bosses in addition to the five in the base game), and six NPCs that can be summoned for assistance. Additionally, there are paid stretch goals, including giant boss monsters, an expansion set featuring Sif, Artorias, and various grunts, as well as additional tiles that introduce Darkroom Basin and Iron Keep to the game. Steamforged Games is also developing a campaign for multiple play sessions, exclusively for backers.

For those who choose not to add the paid stretch goals to their pledge, don’t worry! These additions will be available for purchase once the game hits retail stores. The campaign will officially close today at 2:59 p.m. Eastern / 11:59 a.m. Pacific time. Be sure to check out the campaign and its final results here.

Our Perspective: Kickstarter and High-End Board Games

We understand that high-end board games can be a significant investment. However, if you’re willing to take the risk on Kickstarter, the value is often fantastic. With the inclusion of stretch goals at no additional cost, backers receive more bang for their buck.

It’s important to note that board game development and production take time, so backers will need to exercise patience while they wait for their reward. While board games also carry some degree of risk, this particular campaign, with its official license and a strong track record on the crowdfunding platform, appears to be on the right track.


Q: When will the Dark Souls board game be available for purchase?
A: The game is set to launch in retail stores in April 2017.

Q: Will the paid stretch goals be available for purchase separately?
A: Yes, backers who choose not to add the paid stretch goals to their pledge will have the opportunity to purchase them separately once the game is released.

Q: What additional content is included in the base game besides the stretch goals?
A: The base game will come with all the unlocked stretch goals, providing players with a comprehensive Dark Souls experience.


The Dark Souls board game Kickstarter campaign has successfully concluded, thanks to the incredible support from backers. Steamforged Games will deliver an immersive tabletop experience that captures the essence of the “tough-but-fair” franchise. With the inclusion of stretch goals and exciting additions, the game promises to be a thrilling adventure for fans of Dark Souls. Keep an eye out for its retail release in April 2017.