Saturday, 25 May 2024

AirMech Arena: A Thrilling Console Experience by Carbon Games

If you’re a fan of giant transforming robots duking it out in the air and on land, then AirMech Arena is the game for you. Developed by Carbon Games, the studio behind Fat Princess, this free-to-play title is making its way to the Xbox 360, and it’s definitely worth your attention.

A Unique Console MOBA Experience

AirMech Arena offers a refreshing take on the popular MOBA genre, with its Robotech-like vehicles transforming into formidable robots. The game features a traditional overhead perspective but utilizes twin stick shooter controls, making it accessible and enjoyable for console gamers.

Dive into Solo Play

Before diving into the competitive two-vs-two matches, I highly recommend starting with the solo survival experience. This mode provides a great sandbox environment to experiment with the various mechs, units, and upgrades available in the game.

Strategic Gameplay with a Twist

AirMech Arena takes a different approach to character classes compared to traditional MOBAs. Currently, there are nine distinct Airmech classes, intentionally kept focused like Team Fortress 2. This means you won’t be overwhelmed with a flood of new classes to buy.

Additionally, player customization comes in the form of different units that can be built at the base and outposts. These units include anti-air, turret, healing, foot soldiers, tanks, and more. The gameplay involves rapid movement back and forth between the base and the battlefield, allowing for a dynamic and strategic experience.

Free-to-Play with Optional Upgrades

AirMech Arena follows a free-to-play model, but players have the option to purchase Airmech Prime. This $20 bundle unlocks all nine classes, a wide variety of units, experience and kudos bonuses, and includes a small amount of diamonds (the game’s paid currency). However, existing PC purchases do not carry over to the console version.

For dedicated players, there are additional purchases available for Airmech skins and ultimate units for solo and bot matches. Ultimate units are more powerful but cannot be used in competitive play. These purchases can be made with diamonds or earned through gameplay using kudos.

The Perfect Balance

AirMech Arena strikes a balance between the wild west of free-to-play games and the more traditional structure of game ownership. For just $20, players can unlock all the different class options, providing a satisfying sense of progression without breaking the bank.

With its smooth controls and quick match speed, ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, AirMech Arena is set to launch on Xbox 360 this summer, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.


Q: Can I carry over my existing PC Airmech purchases to the console version?
A: Unfortunately, existing purchases on PC do not carry over to the console version.

Q: What are ultimate units, and why can’t they be used in competitive play?
A: Ultimate units are more powerful units available for solo and bot matches. They cannot be used in competitive play to ensure a fair and balanced experience.


AirMech Arena by Carbon Games brings the excitement of transforming robots to the console gaming world. With its unique twin stick shooter controls, strategic gameplay, and the right balance of free-to-play and optional purchases, it’s a game that offers something for everyone. Get ready to pilot your own Airmech and experience the thrill of intense battles both in the air and on the ground.

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