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Arkham City Xbox 360 Saves Issue: A Guide to Troubleshooting and Solutions

Arkham City Xbox 360

If you are a fan of Batman: Arkham City on Xbox 360, you might have come across a frustrating issue where your game saves mysteriously disappear. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many users have reported this problem in the official forums. In this article, we’ll explore this issue and provide some helpful tips to troubleshoot and, hopefully, resolve the disappearing save files problem.

The Disappearing Save Files Bug

According to user reports, the bug seems to be specific to the Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City. Players have experienced their game saves vanishing from the load menu or being deleted entirely. It is speculated that this issue may be related to the Catwoman download content.

Batman: Arkham City

Reporting the Issue to Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has acknowledged the problem and is actively seeking a solution. In an official statement, they expressed their commitment to addressing this issue as quickly as possible. However, their QA team has been unable to reproduce the bug so far. This is where you can help!

If you are encountering the disappearing save files problem, it would be immensely helpful if you could reach out to WB Games Support ([email protected]) and provide them with specific information regarding your Xbox 360 hardware and software configuration. Consider including the following details:

  • Version of the Xbox 360 hardware you are using
  • Storage method for saving your Batman: Arkham City game files (e.g., Xbox 360 hard drive, Xbox 360 memory unit, USB drive)
  • Version of the Xbox 360 system software on your machine
  • Whether you are running a Beta version of the forthcoming Xbox 360 “Holiday 2011” system update
  • Any Batman: Arkham City DLC content you have downloaded
  • Whether you have experienced the issue before or after installing the game’s two title updates

Your contribution will be invaluable in helping the QA team identify a specific pattern and ultimately find a solution to the disappearing save files bug.


Q: Is the disappearing save files bug exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of Batman: Arkham City?
A: Yes, currently, it seems that this issue affects only the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Q: Are there any known workarounds for the disappearing save files bug?
A: Unfortunately, there are no known official workarounds at the moment. However, you can try backing up your save files regularly or experimenting with different storage methods to see if it makes a difference.

Q: Has Warner Bros. provided any estimated timeline for a fix?
A: Warner Bros. is actively investigating the issue but has not provided a specific timeline for a fix yet. Rest assured that they are committed to resolving it as quickly as possible.


The disappearing save files bug in Batman: Arkham City for Xbox 360 has caused frustration among players. Warner Bros. is aware of the issue and diligently working to find a solution. By providing specific information about your hardware and software configuration, you can play a crucial role in helping them address this problem effectively. Hang in there, and hopefully, a fix will be available soon.

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