Friday, 24 May 2024

The Top Champions in League of Legends for Patch 12.22

The latest patch for League of Legends brings a wave of changes aimed at balancing the game. We’ve analyzed the data from to discover which champions currently have the highest win rates. Prepare to be surprised as we reveal the champions that have made it to the top!

Top: Kled

Image via Riot Games

Kled has quickly risen to the top position in League of Legends for patch 12.22. His unique playstyle and versatile kit contribute to his high win rate and popularity. With his powerful basic attacks, Kled can defeat enemies swiftly and even dismount them to make a quick escape when things go wrong. Kled is the perfect choice for players who enjoy adapting to different situations and quickly taking down opponents.

Jungle: Mordekaiser

Image via Riot Games

Mordekaiser has always been a formidable champion, and his current position at the top of the league in patch 12.22 proves it. His abilities allow him to deal consistent damage to enemies, and his sheer strength enables him to defeat even the toughest opponents. If you want a champion that can dish out significant damage and swiftly eliminate enemies, Mordekaiser is the perfect choice.

Middle: Singed

Image via Riot Games

Singed is known for his exceptional damage-dealing abilities and crowd control in League of Legends. His skills include fling, which throws enemies in your direction, poison that inflicts damage over time, and mega adhesive to slow down enemies. Singed’s ultimate ability, Insanity Potion, combined with his passive ability, makes him an incredibly powerful champion capable of taking down even the most formidable foes.

Bottom: Karthus

Image via Riot Games

Karthus possesses a set of incredibly powerful abilities that can tip the scales of a game in his favor. His Lay Waste ability effectively eliminates enemies grouped together, while his Wall of Pain prevents enemies from escaping. Karthus’s ultimate ability, Requiem, is a devastating spell that deals massive damage to all enemies in the area.

Support: Janna

Image via Riot Games

Janna, the support champion, becomes incredibly potent in the right hands. Her abilities enable her to protect allies and assist them in escaping dangerous situations. Janna is the perfect choice for players who prioritize helping their allies and ensuring their safety.


  • Q: What is the significance of patch 12.22 in League of Legends?

    • A: Patch 12.22 is the latest update that brings gameplay adjustments and balance changes to League of Legends.
  • Q: Which champions have the highest win rates in patch 12.22?

    • A: Kled, Mordekaiser, Singed, Karthus, and Janna are the top champions in their respective positions.


Now that you’re aware of the top champions in each position for patch 12.22, try them out in your next game and see how they perform for you. Embrace their unique playstyles and dominate the Rift with the power of these formidable champions!

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