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Akka Arrh Review: A Reimagined Classic with Some Room for Improvement

Akka Arrh

Akka Arrh, a reimagined version of an Atari arcade machine from the ‘80s, brings a blast from the past to modern consoles. In collaboration with renowned designer Jeff Minter (known for his work on games like Tempest 2000 and Polybius), Atari breathes new life into this classic game. While there are some areas that could use refinement, Akka Arrh offers an enjoyable experience that will resonate with fans of nostalgia and arcade gaming.

A Fusion of Classic Concepts and Modern Improvements

Akka Arrh is a top-down shooter that invites players to defend themselves against abstract enemies using bullets and bombs. The game rewards players for creating chain explosions by strategically utilizing bombs to destroy basic enemies. This mechanic, coupled with the need to save bullets for bigger and immune enemies, adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay. Successful chains result in a satisfying display of geometric destruction, accompanied by increasingly amusing chain names displayed on the screen.

A Challenge Worthy of Its Arcade Roots

As expected from a game hailing from the arcade era, Akka Arrh offers a formidable challenge. Even on the normal difficulty setting, players will find themselves tested. However, the game features a modern twist by saving the player’s highest-scoring attempts from each level. This allows players to resume their progress without having to start from scratch. While the difficulty remains high, this feature adds convenience and ensures that players can focus on improving their skills over time.

The Camera Conundrum and Artistic Choices

One aspect of Akka Arrh that may prove frustrating is the camera’s behavior. The camera follows the player’s cursor, granting freedom of movement but also hiding important off-screen enemies and bullets. This design choice can disrupt the flow of the game and inadvertently disrupt successful chains. This frustration is compounded by the cluttered art direction, which may initially overwhelm players. However, for those with sensitive eyes, the option to disable certain visual elements in the settings provides a considerate solution.

Balancing Information and Immersion

Akka Arrh’s art direction is a double-edged sword. While the psychedelic visuals may take some getting used to, they contribute to the game’s unique atmosphere. However, the excessive visual effects, coupled with a lack of crucial information, can detract from the overall experience. The game’s simultaneous bombardment of explosions, text, and symbols can sometimes become overwhelming and lead to confusion. Players may find it challenging to keep track of their health or active power-ups amidst the chaos.

Figuring Out the Abstract

Akka Arrh’s abstract design choices occasionally make it difficult to interpret what is happening during gameplay. Red flashing screens and pulsing sine waves, for example, may leave players unsure of their significance. However, with time and practice, players can decipher these cues. The adjustment curve to fully understanding the game mechanics may be steeper than expected, considering the game’s modernized approach. However, perseverance and experimentation will eventually lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the gameplay.

A Revitalized Classic with Some Compromises

Akka Arrh presents an intriguing experiment in bringing a lost piece of gaming history back to life. While there are areas that could benefit from refinement, fans of Atari and arcade gaming will find enjoyment in this revitalized classic. The game pays homage to its roots while incorporating modern conveniences. Despite its occasional pitfalls, Akka Arrh offers a delightful experience that captures the spirit of classic arcade gaming.


Q: Can I disable the psychedelic visuals in Akka Arrh?
Yes, the game provides the option to disable certain visual elements in the settings, catering to players with sensitive eyes or those who prefer a more streamlined experience.

Q: Is Akka Arrh only for hardcore gamers?
While Akka Arrh offers a formidable challenge that may appeal to hardcore gamers, it also welcomes players of varying skill levels. The game’s saving feature allows players to resume their progress, enhancing accessibility and encouraging improvement over time.

Q: Are there any hidden mechanics in Akka Arrh?
Akka Arrh’s abstract design choices may initially create the illusion of hidden mechanics. However, with observation and experimentation, players can unravel the game’s intricacies and uncover its secrets.


Akka Arrh may not be without its flaws, but it remains a noteworthy addition to the gaming landscape. Its fusion of classic gameplay and modern improvements offers an engaging experience for fans of nostalgia and arcade gaming. By addressing some of the visual clutter and providing clearer information, Akka Arrh could truly shine as a revitalized classic that captures the hearts of gamers both old and new. Explore the world of Akka Arrh and rediscover the joy of arcade gaming.

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