Thursday, 16 May 2024

Best Jungle Pet in League of Legends

With the release of League of Legends Season 13, a new addition called Jungle Pets has arrived. These adorable critters can assist you as a Jungle player in taking down jungle monsters, replacing jungle items with animated companions. Let’s take a closer look at the available options for Jungle Pets:

Gustwalker Hatchling (Blue)

Gustwalker Hatchling

Scorchclaw Pup (Red)

Mosstomper Seeding (Green)

Each Jungle Pet is summoned through their respective starter item, which becomes purchasable when you select Smite as one of your summoner spells. Initially, all three Jungle Pets offer similar benefits:

  • +20% damage to monsters in your half of the map
  • Extra experience gain from large monsters
  • Health and mana recovery after killing large monsters
  • Bonus mana regeneration in the jungle or river

As you nurture your Jungle Pet by feeding them treats, they will evolve just like some sort of Pocket Monster. After feeding them 20 treats, they will undergo their first evolution, increasing your Smite damage from 600 to 900. Upon reaching 40 treats, your Jungle Pet will reach its final form, granting you a Smite damage of 1,200 against monsters and reducing your damage taken from epic monsters by 30% when at least 2 allies are in range. Additionally, each Jungle Pet offers its own unique bonus feature:


  • +45% movement speed when entering a brush, decaying over 2 seconds upon leaving
  • Killing a large monster provides a 60% decaying movement speed bonus


  • Gains 3 Ember charges every half second
  • Killing a large monster restores Ember charges to 100
  • Consumes 100 Ember charges to inflict a 30% decaying slow and damage over time equal to 4% of the enemy’s max health over four seconds when damaging an enemy champion


  • After killing a large monster or being out of combat for 10 seconds, gain a shield for 75 to 330 HP
  • While shielded (and for 3 seconds thereafter), receive 20% tenacity and slow resistance

Now, you might be wondering which Jungle Pet is the most effective. According to a poll started by Redditor u/SnooMacarons4874, the current meta favors the Mosstomper (Green) as the top choice. It’s always helpful to see what the community thinks!


Q: How can I obtain Jungle Pets in League of Legends?
A: You can acquire Jungle Pets by purchasing their respective starter items when you have Smite as one of your summoner spells.

Q: Can Jungle Pets evolve?
A: Yes, Jungle Pets can evolve by feeding them treats. After 20 treats, they will reach their first evolution, and at 40 treats, they will reach their final form.

Q: Are there any differences between the Jungle Pets in terms of abilities?
A: Yes, each Jungle Pet offers a unique bonus feature in addition to the shared benefits. Gustwalker, Scorchclaw, and Mosstomper each have their own distinct abilities.

Q: Which Jungle Pet is currently considered the most effective?
A: According to the community poll conducted by Redditor u/SnooMacarons4874, the Mosstomper (Green) is the favored choice among players.


Jungle Pets in League of Legends bring a fresh and exciting element to the game. These adorable companions not only accompany you in your jungle adventures but also offer valuable benefits and unique abilities. While all three Jungle Pets provide a solid foundation, the Mosstomper (Green) has gained popularity as the current meta favorite. Make sure to give them a try and discover your favorite Jungle Pet to enhance your League of Legends experience!

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