Saturday, 25 May 2024

Apex Legends Emergence: Introducing the New Legend and Ranked Arenas

During EA Play, we were treated to an exciting preview of the upcoming update for Apex Legends called Emergence. This highly anticipated release not only introduces a brand new Legend named Seer but also brings significant changes to the 3v3 Arena mode and the Apex Legends Global Series.

Introducing Seer: A Master of Reconnaissance

The segment kicked off with a captivating trailer featuring Seer, a recon-focused Legend with unrivaled tracking abilities. Set against the backdrop of lava-covered areas and snowy terrain, this cinematic showcases Seer’s unique skills as he takes down enemies. By utilizing tiny drones that emerge from a jeweled compartment in his chest, Seer can track opponents and reveal targets that would otherwise remain hidden. His ultimate ability constructs a sphere in a chosen area, granting vision of movements within. However, it’s worth noting that skilled players can still use their cunning to move undetected. Rushing through Seer’s globe will undoubtedly expose their position.

Evolving the Arena: Ranked Matches Arrive

The Emergence update goes beyond just adding a new Legend; it expands upon Apex Legends’ Arena mode. Chad Grenier, the Apex director, stressed the importance of providing players with a variety of gameplay experiences outside the traditional Battle Royale mode. To achieve this, the developers are introducing Ranked Arenas. This new feature allows players to take three-on-three skirmishes more seriously by implementing a ranking system. Matchmaking will group players with similar skill levels, ensuring fair and competitive matches.

Apex Legends Global Series: Crossplay and Expanded Prizes

In addition to the gameplay enhancements, EA Play revealed exciting news about the Apex Legends Global Series. This year, the prize pool has been increased to a staggering $5 million, attracting top-tier competitors from all platforms. Thanks to the recently implemented crossplay feature, both PlayStation and Xbox players can now participate in the Global Series alongside their PC counterparts. Unfortunately, Switch players will have to wait for their opportunity. The competitive season will include Pro League and Challenger Circuit events, offering players multiple avenues to showcase their skills.

Apex Legends Emergence

Apex Legends: Emergence, featuring the introduction of Seer and Ranked Arena matches, will be available on August 3 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.


Q: When will Apex Legends: Emergence be released?
A: Apex Legends: Emergence is set to launch on August 3rd.

Q: Can Seer really track opponents with his drones?
A: Yes, Seer’s drones allow him to track opponents and reveal hidden targets.

Q: Will Ranked Arenas have a matchmaking system based on skill level?
A: Yes, Ranked Arenas will utilize a ranking system to match players with similar skill levels.


Apex Legends: Emergence promises to be a game-changing update, introducing the skilled tracker Seer and competitive Ranked Arena matches. With its expanded gameplay options and the inclusion of console players in the Global Series, Apex Legends continues to evolve and captivate players across platforms. Get ready to embark on a thrilling new journey in the Apex Games on August 3rd!

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