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Afterwords: No More Heroes 2

The original No More Heroes game received mixed reviews, but its sequel, No More Heroes 2, surprised us with its significant improvements and refinements. In this article, we had the opportunity to speak with Goichi Suda (Suda51), the CEO of developer Grasshopper Manufacture, to uncover the secrets behind making No More Heroes 2 an even better game.

Reluctance turning into Passion

Suda initially had no plans for a sequel, but as he delved deeper into the character of Travis, the protagonist of the game, he developed a genuine fondness for him. This led him to change his mind and take on the challenge of writing Travis’s story in a sequel.

Listening to Fan Feedback

Taking into account feedback from fans of the first game, the development team focused on improving the combat system and increasing the overall speed of the game. By incorporating this feedback, they aimed to create an even more enjoyable and action-packed experience for the fans. Suda wanted people to have fun not only while playing the game but also in their anticipation of it.

Embracing the 8-Bit Style

One standout feature of No More Heroes 2 was the inclusion of 8-bit games as side jobs. This idea originated from the team’s desire to incorporate more 8-bit style into the game itself, building upon the 8-bit UI and result screens from the original game. What started as a few side jobs quickly turned into a majority of them being transformed into engaging 8-bit experiences.

Inspiration from Film and Japanese Cinema

Suda drew inspiration from various sources for No More Heroes 2. One of his favorite movies, “Paris, Texas,” featuring a character named Travis, influenced the creation of the game’s flash-forward segments. Additionally, intense fighting sequences were inspired by the Japanese movie “Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Hiroshima Deathmatch.”

The Return of Bosses and New Characters

The second installment continued the tradition of memorable boss fights. Suda intentionally brought back fan-favorite bosses, such as Destroy Man, while also introducing new characters like Doctor Shake. Although there were other characters in mind, the selected ones added depth to the game’s narrative and gameplay experience.

The Creative Process

Creating bosses involved a collaborative effort within the development team, including the game designer, character designer, mechanic designer, and others. They brainstormed ideas and translated them into visually striking boss characters. Each team member contributed nerdy topics they were passionate about, resulting in a diverse range of boss designs.

Unique Settings in Santa Destroy

The various levels in No More Heroes 2 showcased locations found in one small town in America. The overall image of the town drew inspiration from the movie “A Field of Honor,” contributing to the game’s imaginative and distinctive world.

Balancing Seriousness and Light-Heartedness

While the game’s story had serious elements, the charismatic personality of Travis infused a lightheartedness into the overall experience. Players would find that amidst the serious plot, there were many moments of humor and enjoyment.

Secrets of the Extra Fights

Although some players may have been curious about the extra fights teased by Henry, a character in the game, those fights unfortunately cannot be unlocked.

Challenges of Third-Party Games on the Wii

On the subject of selling third-party games on the Wii, Suda refrained from providing any comments.

The Future of No More Heroes

When asked about the possibility of a No More Heroes 3, Suda expressed his interest in continuing the series. He believed that No More Heroes was a game meant for the Wii and expressed enthusiasm for making a game for its successor. Regarding the release of No More Heroes 2 on Xbox 360 in Japan, he had no involvement or knowledge of such a release.

The Message of No More Heroes 2

Suda wanted players to identify with Travis’s growth and journey throughout the game. Travis, an unlikely hero who initially shies away from the spotlight, gradually develops into a true hero. Suda hoped players would feel that anyone has the potential to become a hero, just like Travis. He also wanted players to relate to Travis’s everyday experiences, such as taking breaks in the bathroom and doing side jobs to make money, ultimately showcasing that heroism can come from ordinary individuals.

Thank you for joining us in this insightful interview with Goichi Suda, shedding light on the development process and inspirations behind No More Heroes 2.


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No More Heroes 2 successfully builds upon its predecessor with improved gameplay, engaging boss fights, and a captivating storyline. Goichi Suda’s creative vision and passion shine through in every aspect of the game. Whether you’re a fan of the original or new to the series, No More Heroes 2 is a thrilling gaming experience that shouldn’t be missed.