Sunday, 26 May 2024

Patch 14.4 PBE Preview

The Porcelain skinline is making a return in Patch 14.4, featuring six new champions adorned in the distinctive whites and blues that define this collection. Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, each character in the Porcelain skinline carries a “Relic” representing a different animal. The legendary skin for Aurelion Sol, the Dragon Relic protector, will be available for the usual price of 1820 RP. Epic skins for Porcelain Darius, Graves, Irelia, Miss Fortune, and Morgana will join the roster, priced at 1350 RP each. Additionally, Porcelain Kindred will receive a mythic variant, which can be purchased for 150 Mythic Essence. Summoner Icons, Emotes, and Ward Skins in the Porcelain theme will also be available for 250, 350, and 640 RP, respectively.

Patch 14.4 PBE Preview

In addition to the Porcelain skinline, Victorious Tryndamere will be introduced in Patch 14.4. Players who have achieved gold in any ranked queue will receive Victorious Tryndamere for free. You will also receive free Chromas corresponding to your end rank and each rank below it. For example, if you’ve achieved Gold, you will receive the base Victorious Tryndamere skin, as well as the Bronze, Silver, and Gold chromas.

Game Changes

Patch 14.4 will bring a significant change to how tethers function in the game. Tether-based abilities, such as Fiddlesticks’ Bountiful Harvest, will become more responsive, triggering and disconnecting more smoothly overall.

Major Champion Changes

As with every patch, several champion adjustments are in store for Patch 14.4. The most notable changes will affect Bard, K’Sante, Volibear, and Rek’Sai.

Bard’s AP ratios will be increased, while their armor and base damages will be reduced. Additionally, their attack speed and attack speed ratio will be boosted. These adjustments aim to make on-hit AP builds less dominant.

K’Sante will undergo various ability adjustments to enhance their overall playability. Base health and mana will receive a boost, as well as the armor and magic resistance ratio on Path Maker (W). Footwork (E) will be slower, allowing opponents to evade more easily. Ntofo Strikes (Q) will no longer slow enemies during All Out, the W cooldown will increase, and Footwork’s dash range under All Out will be reduced.

Volibear will receive a minor touch-up, with Thundering Smash (Q) granting him more bonus movement speed. Sky Splitter (E) and Stormbringer (R) will also have reduced cooldowns. The duration of Volibear’s ultimate ability’s tower disable will be reduced by 1 second at each rank.

Rek’Sai will see changes across the board, focusing on improving her healing abilities, speed, and damage. Her passive will generate more Fury and provide increased healing. Queen’s Wrath (Q) will function as an attack instead of an ability, granting an attack speed buff. Burrow (W) will now scale with ability ranks, offering a maximum bonus speed of 25, increased vision, and no reduction in attack range. Furious Bite (E) will have a lower cooldown, an increased AD ratio, and deal damage based on the target’s maximum health at maximum Fury. Preyseeker (Q) will deal magic damage instead of physical damage, with reduced AD ratios and base damage but a shorter cooldown. Unburrow (W) will also deal magic damage, with reduced base damage and an added AP ratio. Its knock-up will affect multiple targets. Tunnel (E) will have a reduced cooldown and reuse timer. The bonus AD ratio of Void Rush will be decreased. These changes aim to make Rek’Sai’s builds more dynamic and interesting, with unburrowed abilities dealing physical damage and burrowed abilities scaling with and dealing magic damage.

Major Item Changes

Black Cleaver will have a new recipe, now requiring Phage, Caulfield’s Hammer, and a Ruby Crystal. The armor reduction per stack has been increased, though the maximum stacks have been reduced to 5.

Terminus will also receive a new recipe, building out of two Recurve Bows and one B.F. Sword. The number of stacks has been reduced to 3 for each, but their effects have been increased. Light attacks will grant more resistances, while Dark attacks will provide more resistance penetration.

World Atlas, the starter support item, will grant more gold for damaging champions and killing minions, but its quest recharge timer will increase by 5 seconds. Runic Compass, the item’s upgrade, will have similar changes, lowering gold generation per 10 seconds and increasing the quest recharge timer. However, damaging champions or killing minions will yield more gold. Bounty of Worlds, the free upgrade for Runic Compass, will provide increased Health, Health Regeneration, and Mana Regeneration.

Solstice Sleigh, one of the possible upgrades for Bounty of Worlds, will scale healing based on the champion’s maximum health. The bonus movement speed will be a percentage increase instead of a flat amount, though the movement speed buff will expire 1 second earlier.

Zaz’Zak’s Realmspike, the AP upgrade to Bounty of Worlds, will have a lower cooldown and base damage. However, the AP ratios and maximum health % damage will be increased, ensuring it remains powerful.


Q: When will these changes go live?
A: Riot will provide more information closer to the debut of Patch 14.4. Stay tuned for announcements and future articles!


Patch 14.4 brings exciting new cosmetics, game changes, champion adjustments, and item changes. Whether you’re a fan of the Porcelain skinline, eager to try out the revamped champions, or curious about the modified items, there is something for everyone in this upcoming patch. Stay updated for further details and enjoy the latest additions to the game!