Saturday, 25 May 2024

Is the New Soul Fighter Event a Sneaky Hint for Project L?

We are excited to share with you all the amazing content coming in the upcoming “Soul Fighter” Summer Season Event. From stunning new skins, like the jaw-dropping Samira Ultimate, to the thrilling “Arena” game mode in League of Legends, this event is packed with excitement. And let’s not forget about the new champion, Naafiri, who is already making waves in the PBE.

But it’s not just League of Legends that is getting goodies. Legends of Runeterra is adding new card skins, League of Legends: Wild Rift is introducing skins and a special in-game event, and Teamfight Tactics is bringing new Chibi, Mini Legends, and an event.

Some players in the community have been wondering whether this event is connected to Project L, Riot’s highly anticipated Fighting Game. While there were some moments in the Soul Fighter Event Teaser that resembled scenes from popular fighting games, it was quickly clarified that those were just animations from Legends of Runeterra.

So, what’s the latest on Project L? Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much information released about its progress. However, there have been interviews with the Cannon brothers, who are leading the Project L team. Known for creating the EVO Series of Tournaments and their contributions to the Fighting Game Community, the Cannon brothers bring their expertise and passion to this project.

While updates on Project L may not come until the end of the year, there is a possibility of an announcement at EVO 2023. Historically, Project L has been known to release updates or teasers during this premier fighting game tournament. With the event theme of Fighters and the proximity to EVO, it’s an exciting time for fans.

The Cannon brothers have a track record of success in the fighting game community, from their involvement as advisors in game development to creating GGPO, the revolutionary rollback netcode. With their Midas touch, it’s safe to say that Project L is in good hands.

As we eagerly await more news about Project L, let’s not forget the abundance of content coming our way in Season 13. There have been concerns about the lack of updates, but with the upcoming patch on July 19th, we can expect a treat. And before the season ends, be sure to check out our guides from the best OTP’s and players across all servers to level up your game.


Q: Is the Soul Fighter Event related to Project L?
A: No, the Soul Fighter Event is not connected to Project L. The event teaser may have caused some confusion, but those scenes were from Legends of Runeterra, not Project L.

Q: When can we expect updates on Project L?
A: Updates on Project L are anticipated to come at the end of the year, with a potential announcement at EVO 2023.

Q: Who is leading the Project L team?
A: The Cannon brothers, known for their contributions to the Fighting Game Community and their creation of the EVO Series of Tournaments, are leading the Project L team.


While the Soul Fighter Event may not be a hint for Project L, it still offers an incredible lineup of content for League of Legends and other Riot titles. The anticipation for updates on Project L continues, and with the expertise of the Cannon brothers, we can expect great things from this highly anticipated Fighting Game. So, gear up for the upcoming patch and stay tuned for more news on Project L.