Saturday, 25 May 2024

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

Five years ago, Sega announced that Gearbox would develop an FPS based on the Aliens franchise. With Gearbox’s proven track record through the Brothers in Arms series and Fox’s blessing to tell a canonical story bridging Aliens and Alien 3, it seemed like Aliens fans would finally get the game they deserved. However, the long-awaited Aliens: Colonial Marines turned out to be a disappointment that feels like an abandoned mod.

A Lackluster Story

Colonial Marines’ much-hyped story fails to deliver anything of consequence. The game follows a group of no-names walking through the aftermath of Aliens, fighting xenomorphs, and encountering familiar faces in a way that feels like revisionism. While there are nods to memorable events, the overall experience lacks new thrills.

Mediocre Xenomorphs

In the films, xenomorphs were unrelenting and terrifyingly fast. In Colonial Marines, they become a mere nuisance. While they look great when obscured, the repeated encounters expose their flaws. Rushing at you from corners, they seem oddly off balance and lack the grace of their film counterparts, dampening the overall experience.

Familiar Aliens and Lackluster New Additions

Colonial Marines includes the entire xeno life cycle, including chestbursters and facehuggers. However, these creatures feel lackluster and just going through the motions. Even the introduction of new xeno types fails to alleviate the sense of sameness.

Ineffective Squadmates and Dim-witted Enemies

Squadmates in Colonial Marines, particularly O’Neil, are shockingly ineffective. Their behavior in combat is questionable, making you wonder how they even made it through basic training. Additionally, the enemy AI is abysmal, with enemies often completely oblivious to your presence, making for underwhelming challenges.

Underpowered Weapons and Lackluster Upgrades

The arsenal in Colonial Marines, including pulse rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, and the Smartgun, is familiar but underpowered. Weapons are particularly ineffective at long range, and the upgrades available do little to improve their overall performance.

Multiplayer Potential

Multiplayer offers a glimmer of hope, with various game modes for players to control colonial marines or xenomorphs. While it provides a temporary distraction, the problems from the single-player campaign persist, resulting in subpar gameplay.

A Disappointing Addition to the Aliens Universe

As a long-time fan of Aliens games, it is disheartening to see Colonial Marines fall short of expectations. Without the Aliens license, the game lacks any reason to exist. It fails to capture the essence and success of previous games in the franchise.

Q: Is Aliens: Colonial Marines worth playing for fans of the Aliens franchise?
A: While some die-hard Aliens fans may find redeeming qualities in the game, overall, it falls short of expectations and fails to live up to the franchise’s legacy.

Q: Can I expect an immersive and challenging single-player campaign in Colonial Marines?
A: Unfortunately, the single-player campaign lacks depth and fails to provide a satisfying experience. The lackluster story and poor AI make for a mediocre gameplay experience.

Q: Are the multiplayer modes in Colonial Marines any better than the single-player campaign?
A: While multiplayer offers some potential for enjoyment, it still suffers from the same issues present in the single-player campaign, such as dopey alien animations and clunky mechanics.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is a disappointing addition to the Aliens universe. Despite the initial hype and the potential for a canonical story, the game falls short in various aspects, from its lackluster story and mediocre xenomorphs to ineffective squadmates and dim-witted enemies. The underpowered weapons and lackluster upgrades further dampen the gameplay experience. While some fans may find moments of enjoyment, overall, Colonial Marines fails to deliver the game that Aliens fans have long been waiting for.