Sunday, 26 May 2024

New LoL 2v2v2v2 Mode for Summer: Game Modes Dev Blog

A lot of time has passed since the last dev blog on game modes that featured the popular Ultimate Spellbook and the promise of Nexus Blitz for 2022. Despite the success of Ultimate Spell Book, there were several complaints alluding to the lack of attention given to League’s game modes. In response, Riot has made some changes for 2023, including shifting people from the New Champions Team to the Game Modes team to focus on their projects.

2V2(2V2) New LoL Game Mode Details – It’s Going to Have Augments and Deathmatches

The Game Modes team has finally revealed more details about the new LoL game mode coming this summer. This mode will consist of four teams of two battling each other in rounds of deathmatch battles, similar to those in Nexus Blitz. As the game progresses, champions will level up, gain items, and unlock special powers called Augments. When a team loses enough rounds, they will be eliminated, but they can queue immediately after losing, eliminating waiting time between games.

New LoL Game Mode

An early version is planned to be released in Summer – Courtesy Riot Games

No More Rotating Game Modes Until Summer

To prepare for the new LoL game mode in Summer, the Game Modes team is stopping support for existing rotating modes such as URF, ARURF, Spellbook, and OFA. This means that in future patches, these modes will no longer be available to play. However, the team has mentioned their plans to bring back rotating modes, including possibly Nexus Blitz, later in the year.

URF Mode

Preseason ARAM Changes – Successes and Failures

The Dev Team has exciting plans for the LoL flagship casual mode, All Random-All Mid (ARAM). After the success of the Preseason changes, including the Frost Gate, there are still areas that need improvement. This includes addressing the balance of champions in ARAM, the length of games, and the Tower Rubble mechanic.

The team has listened to player feedback and will be toning down or removing the Tower Rubble, which is the broken structure that appears after taking down turrets. They have yet to announce a specific date for this change.


When it comes to ARAM champion balance, there is still a lot of experimentation to be done. While the Frost Gate addressed one of the pain points of ARAM by balancing poke, heals, range, and melee champions, there are still challenges in balancing death timers and numbers. However, one change that players can expect soon is the return of death timers to 12.22 numbers, which should improve the ARAM experience over the next few patches.


  1. When will the new 2v2v2v2 LoL game mode be released?

    • An early version is planned to be released in Summer.
  2. Are rotating game modes like URF and ARURF coming back?

    • The support for rotating game modes has been paused to focus on the new game mode for Summer. However, the team plans to bring back rotating modes later in the year, potentially including Nexus Blitz.
  3. Will there be any changes to ARAM in the upcoming patches?

    • Yes, the Tower Rubble mechanic will be toned down or removed. Death timers will also be adjusted to improve the ARAM experience.


Exciting changes are happening in the world of League of Legends game modes. With the new 2v2v2v2 mode coming this summer, players can look forward to intense battles and the introduction of Augments. While rotating game modes like URF and ARURF will be on pause for now, they will make a comeback later in the year. In addition, improvements to ARAM, including the removal of the Tower Rubble, are in the works. Stay tuned for more updates as Riot Games continues to enhance the game modes for a better player experience.