Friday, 24 May 2024

15 Tips for a Smooth Start in Ashen Game

Ashen, a highly anticipated game, has just been released. As you embark on your journey, we have compiled a list of spoiler-free tips to help you navigate the opening hours of the game with ease. These tips will make your experience more enjoyable and set you up for success.

1. Utilize Your A.I. Partner

If you’re playing in single-player mode, you have an A.I. partner who is quite competent and powerful. Use them strategically during fights with tougher foes by using them as bait while you attack from behind. If your partner goes down, don’t worry, they will revive later.

2. Prioritize Side Quests

Side quests may be labeled as such, but they are essential for accessing powerful upgrades, interesting missions, and engaging characters. Make them a priority to enhance your overall gameplay experience.

3. Complete Elia’s Mission

When you meet Elia, a character in the game, make sure to complete her mission immediately. This will unlock the fast travel feature, making your journey in Ashen much smoother and more convenient.

4. Return to Vagrant’s Rest

As you build up Vagrant’s Rest, your village and place of respite, make it a habit to return periodically. Not only will the village develop over time, but new dialogues will reveal intriguing bits of lore, adding depth to the story.

5. Equip Talismans for Stat Buffs

Take advantage of talismans to enhance your main character’s stats. These inexpensive items provide buffs such as increased health or longer stun durations on foes. Load out your equipment with them as soon as possible.

6. Be Selective with Weapon Upgrades

While you may find numerous weapon upgrades throughout the game, it is advisable to only upgrade your weapons one or two levels. Save your resources for a powerful base weapon you truly love. Commit to the third upgrade, known as “Ash Infused,” which requires rare crafting materials found in the wilds.

7. Utilize Your Map

The mission waypoint compass at the top of your screen may be useless, but your map is your best friend. Familiarize yourself with the map screen to navigate around obstacles and reach your destination more efficiently.

8. Scavenge for Healing Items

Save your money and avoid purchasing healing items from merchants. Instead, scavenge for them from fallen foes and skeletons lying about. Mushrooms, which heal you over time, are plentiful in the game world.

9. Prioritize Valuable Upgrades

Certain upgrades are particularly valuable and should be prioritized. Jokell’s upgrades allow you to take more swigs from your healing potion before it runs out. Elia’s upgrades make the healing potion itself more powerful. Bataran’s table will reinforce your weapons, making them more effective in combat.

10. Stock Up on Spears

Once you unlock the ability, ensure you have a good supply of spears. They can be built at Vorsa’s worktable at a low cost. Spears are useful for hunting speedy animals that drop valuable items, as well as attacking big enemies from a distance. Completing more of Vorsa’s quests will unlock more powerful spears.

11. Balance Your Weapon Loadout

You have a one-handed weapon slot and a two-handed weapon slot. It is ideal to have a powerful weapon in each slot. In dark caverns, you need to have one hand available for your lantern, so don’t rely solely on a heavy two-handed weapon throughout the game. Flexibility is key.

12. Skip Minions After Boss Battles

If you die to a boss and want to avoid fighting the minions on your way back to the checkpoint, you can usually run past them without engaging in combat.

13. Know When to Retreat

If you find yourself constantly being defeated in an area where enemies are one-hit kills, it may be wise to come back later with better equipment rather than forcing your way through. Recognize when to retreat and regroup.

14. Discover Hidden Black Ashen Feathers

Keep an eye out for hard-to-see items called Black Ashen Feathers scattered throughout the game world. These feathers increase your maximum health. They are often found in difficult-to-reach places that require running jumps or careful sliding down slopes.

15. Use Storage Chest at Vagrant’s Rest

As your inventory space is limited, consider using the storage chest at Vagrant’s Rest. It allows you to store weapons, armor, and crafting materials that you don’t need at the moment. It’s a convenient way to keep your inventory organized.

Check back later for our in-depth review of Ashen. Now, go forth and conquer the world of Ashen with confidence and skill!


Q: Can I play Ashen in multiplayer mode?
A: Yes, Ashen offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. Enjoy the adventure solo or team up with friends for a cooperative experience.

Q: Are there difficulty settings in Ashen?
A: Ashen does not have traditional difficulty settings. The game is designed to provide a challenging but rewarding experience for all players.

Q: Are there any other hidden secrets in Ashen?
A: Yes, Ashen is full of hidden secrets and lore. Keep exploring, interacting with characters, and searching every nook and cranny to uncover them all.


With these tips in mind, you are well-equipped to embark on your journey in Ashen. Remember to strategize, prioritize, and adapt to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. May your adventures be filled with excitement and success in the world of Ashen.

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