Friday, 24 May 2024

League of Legends Early Patch 13.19 – Worlds Patch is here!

This article focuses on the highly anticipated League of Legends Early Patch 13.19, also known as the Worlds Patch. As always, this patch is geared towards the competitive scene, making it an exciting update for fans of professional play. In this article, we will delve into the changes that will shape the meta for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship.

How will these changes impact the upcoming LoL World Championship?

The champions addressed in this patch have long been staples of the World Championship. These iconic picks not only showcase high-skill expression but also offer different strategic options for teams. Riot has carefully balanced these changes to ensure that these picks remain viable without disrupting the overall meta.

One of the highlights of this patch is the return of Lee Sin to Worlds. Lee Sin has always been a fan favorite and a must-pick champion in the competitive scene. Although the buffs he receives, such as increased armor and improved sustain, may seem minor, they might be enough to bring Lee Sin back into the spotlight.

In the mid lane, Syndra receives a significant buff to her Dark Sphere damage, which may not seem like much on paper. However, when considering the kit and the talented players who excel at Syndra, this change becomes quite impactful. Lissandra’s longer root duration also adds depth to early 2v2s and team fights, making her a potentially strong pick.

Galio’s Hero’s Entrance cooldown reduction and Azir’s Conquering Sands cooldown nerf are changes that may not drastically affect their play rates. Nevertheless, players like Faker and Xiaohu might still opt for Galio in certain situations.

Moving on to the jungle, Rek’Sai receives nerfs to her early game and healing abilities. These changes aim to address the issues with bruiser Rek’Sai, which has been dominant for several patches. Nunu & Willump, on the other hand, receive a buff to their Snowball Barrage ability, enhancing their AP playstyle.

In the top lane, Gangplank’s ultimate receives several buffs, such as reduced cooldown, improved slow on Death’s Daughter, and enhanced Raise Morale passive. These changes may make Gangplank a more attractive pick at Worlds. Renekton, however, experiences a reduction in magic resistance, primarily to prevent him from becoming a strong counter to mages in the mid lane.

Surprisingly, there are not many changes directed towards ADCs in this patch. Zeri’s movement speed receives a nerf to address her performance in competitive play. On the other hand, Jhin’s Curtain Call damage gets a significant increase, enhancing his late-game potential. Twitch’s Spray and Pray missile speed also receive an improvement, making it harder to dodge.

In the support role, Pyke receives quality-of-life changes, such as increased health growth and reduced cooldown on Ghostwater Dive. These changes provide more scaling options for Pyke mains. Overall, there are no major changes to the support role in this patch.

The item changes in Patch 13.19 are relatively minimal. Seeker’s Armguard receives a base armor increase, offering more survivability for mages facing popular champions like Tristana. Additionally, the price of Randuin’s Omen is lowered, making it a more accessible option for tanks. These changes aim to address the strength of ADC champions, specifically double crit carry comps.


Q: What is the focus of the League of Legends Early Patch 13.19?
A: The focus of this patch is to shape the meta for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship, catering to the competitive scene.

Q: Which champions receive buffs in this patch?
A: Champions like Lee Sin, Syndra, Lissandra, Galio, and Gangplank receive buffs that may make them more viable picks.

Q: Are there any significant changes to the ADC role?
A: There are not many changes directed towards ADCs in this patch, with Zeri’s movement speed being the only nerf. Jhin’s Curtain Call damage and Twitch’s Spray and Pray missile speed receive buffs.

Q: Are there any changes to the support role?
A: Pyke receives quality-of-life changes, including increased health growth and reduced cooldown on Ghostwater Dive. However, there are no major changes to the support role in this patch.


The League of Legends Early Patch 13.19 brings exciting changes to the game, setting the stage for the highly anticipated World Championship. With buffs to iconic picks like Lee Sin and Syndra, and adjustments to the meta, teams will have new strategies to explore and unique opportunities to shine. Stay tuned for the World Championship and witness the evolution of the game at its highest level.

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Detailed breakdown of all changes:

Champion Buffs

  • Galio

    • R Cooldown: 200-160 >>> 180-140
    • R cooldown: 180-140 >>> 170-130
  • Gangplank

    • Death’s Daughter slow: 60% for 1 sec >>> 75% for 1 sec
    • Raise Morale move speed: 30% for 2 seconds >>> 40% for 2 seconds
  • Jhin

    • R damage: 50/125/200 + 25% total AD >>> 64/154/244 + 25% total AD
  • Lee Sin

    • Armor: 34 >>> 36
    • W Omnivamp: 5-27% >>> 10-26%
  • Lissandra

    • W Root Duration: 1.1-1.5 >>> 1.25-1.65
  • Nunu

    • E AP Ratio per hit: 10% >>> 15% (total ratio 90% >>> 135%)
  • Pyke

    • Health Growth: 104 >>> 110
    • W cooldown: 12-10 >>> 12-8
  • Syndra

    • Q base damage: 70-210 >>> 75-215
  • Twitch

    • R missile speed: 4000 >>> 5000

Champion Nerfs

  • Azir

    • Q cooldown: 12-6 >>> 14-6
  • Rek’sai

    • Passive heal: 15-125 + 2-12% Max HP >>> 10 + 2-10% Max HP
    • Q damage: 34-50% Total AD >>> 30-50% Total AD
    • Burrowed move speed: 350/355/360/365 (1/6/11/16) >>> 340/345/350 (1/6/11)
    • Unburrow damage: 50-110 + 80% bonus AD >>> 50-190 + 80% bonus AD
  • Renekton

    • Base Magic Resistance: 32 >>> 28
  • Zeri

    • Base Movement Speed: 335 >>> 330

System Buffs

  • Randuin’s Omen

    • Price: 3000 >>> 2700
  • Seeker’s Armguard

    • Base armor: 15 >>> 20 (Max armor: 30 >>> 35)