Thursday, 16 May 2024

League of Legends Patch 13.6: Balance Changes and System Updates

League of Legends Patch 13.6 brings exciting buffs, nerfs, and system adjustments to enhance the gameplay experience. In this article, we will delve into the key changes and improvements that await players in the latest update.

Champion Buffs

Several forgotten champions are receiving well-deserved love in Patch 13.6. Galio, Vayne, Talon, and Ashe are among the champions benefiting from these buffs. Let’s take a closer look at the changes:


Vayne’s Night Hunter (Passive) now provides more movement speed, giving her increased mobility on the battleground. The buffs to Tumble (Q) result in a higher Bonus AD ratio and additional max health true damage from Silver Bolts (W) in the early game. To balance these significant changes, Vayne’s ultimate movement speed and the duration of her Empowered basic attack (3 seconds) from Tumble (Q) have been adjusted.


The forgotten mid-lane champion, Galio, receives quality of life changes in this patch. The Shield of Durand (W) now offers increased magic damage reduction, along with improved ratios. Additionally, the cooldown of Justice Punch (E) has been reduced, making Galio a more formidable force to be reckoned with.


Talon players have long complained about mana issues in the early game and feeling out of place in the mid assassin meta. To address these concerns, Talon is receiving buffs across his entire kit. His base mana has been increased, Blade’s End (passive) deals more damage, Rake (W) costs less mana, and Shadow Assault (Ultimate) deals more damage starting at ultimate level two. These adjustments aim to make Talon more viable and enjoyable to play.


Ashe’s Frost Shot (Passive) now deals increased bonus damage, enhancing her effectiveness in combat.

Champion Nerfs

LoL Patch 13.6 also brings nerfs to address the balance of certain champions. Yuumi, Aurelion Sol, and Veigar face adjustments to maintain a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience.


Yuumi, after the mini rework, has continued to dominate the bot lane. In response to this, Yuumi receives nerfs to Prowling Projectile (Q) and Final Chapter (Ultimate). The mana cost of Prowling Project (Q) has been increased, its cooldown adjusted, and the projectile speed reduced. Furthermore, the armor and magic resistance for Best Friend have been removed.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol has become a popular pick since the rework, particularly in Solo Queue, where his ban rate is exceptionally high. To balance his presence, Breath of Light (Q) now deals reduced tick damage, and Singularity (E) has a fixed cooldown at all levels. Additionally, both versions of his ultimate, Falling Star (R1) and The Skies Descend (R2), have reduced stun and knock-up durations, respectively.


The Tiny Master of Evil has been wreaking havoc in the bot lane, necessitating adjustments to his ADC position. His base HP and armor have been reduced, while the damage for Dark Matter (W) has been adjusted to balance his impact.

Champion Adjustments

Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun, receives buffs that aim to improve his viability in the jungle. The monster damage ratio for Blunt Force Trauma (E) has been increased, creating a more satisfying and effective jungle experience. Other changes include reductions in Dr. Mundo’s HP regeneration per level and the recast lockout timer for Heart Zapper (W).

System Updates

Patch 13.6 introduces significant changes to ADC items and runes, as well as nerfs to Dragon buffs.

ADC Items

The high performing items Bloodthirster and Navori Quickblades receive adjustments in this patch. Bloodthirster’s shield has been reduced in the early levels to maintain balance. Similarly, Navori Quickblades’ passive, Trascendence, has been lowered to ensure fairness for Xayah and other ability-based marksmen.

ADC Runes

Bloodline’s sustain has been slightly reduced to prevent ADCs from having excessive sustain while building full damage. The lifesteal per stack has been adjusted to create a more balanced gameplay experience. Lethal Tempo, on the other hand, has been adjusted for ranged champions. The ranged attack speed per stack has been reduced in the early game while remaining the same at level 18.


To address longstanding issues with Dragon strength, Riot has made adjustments to Dragon buffs. Hextech Drake’s ability haste and attack speed bonuses have been reduced, and Infernal Drake’s AP/AD bonus has been adjusted. Mountain Drake’s armor and magic resistance bonuses have also been reduced, as well as Ocean Drake’s missing HP regeneration.

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Q: How can I download and install Patch 13.6?
A: Patch 13.6 will be automatically downloaded and installed when you launch the League of Legends client. Make sure to keep your client updated to enjoy the latest changes.

Q: Will these changes significantly impact the meta?
A: Patch 13.6 aims to balance champions and improve the gameplay experience. While these changes may influence the meta, the impact will ultimately be determined by player strategies and adaptations.

Q: Are there any other notable updates in Patch 13.6?
A: In addition to the champion changes and system updates mentioned in this article, Patch 13.6 brings various bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Stay tuned for our comprehensive Patch 13.6 Summary for more details.

League of Legends Patch 13.6 brings a plethora of buffs, nerfs, and system updates to enhance the overall gameplay experience. With adjustments to forgotten champions, ADC items and runes, and Dragon buffs, this patch aims to create a more balanced and enjoyable environment for players. Stay updated with the latest changes and embrace the new possibilities that await in Patch 13.6!