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Agents of Mayhem: An Exciting and Entertaining Action Game

Agents of Mayhem is an action-packed open-world game that offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience. Developed by Volition, the game shares similarities with the popular Saint’s Row series, but it also carves out its own identity with its memorable characters and exciting gameplay.

A Shallow Reflection on Good vs. Evil

In many ways, playing Agents of Mayhem feels like being a child again, smashing action figures together and creating explosive sound effects. The game explores the age-old theme of good versus evil, offering a shallow yet entertaining rumination on this classic conflict. While the action may be familiar, the game’s charm lies in its silliness and fun.

A World of Possibilities

As an open-world game, Agents of Mayhem includes all the familiar elements that genre fans love. You can steal cars and navigate the city of Seoul, which, while small in size, is filled with opportunities for adventure. Sidequests are scattered throughout the map, allowing you to dive deeper into the game’s immersive world. It’s worth noting that the game sets itself apart by providing a unique feature – the ability to instantly summon a car that is superior to anything you can find on the streets. Moreover, the game allows you to switch between a diverse cast of unlockable playable characters, each possessing their own distinct abilities and playstyles.

A Cartoon-Inspired Adventure

Volition has described Agents of Mayhem as reminiscent of a Saturday-morning cartoon like G.I. Joe. The animated cutscenes, which pay homage to ’80s cartoons, add to the game’s overall charm. With 12 playable characters, an assortment of support and side characters, and a host of villains, the game presents a diverse cast of well-designed characters who feel like action figures come to life. Some characters, like Daisy with her disdain for authority, or Rama with her mission to save her homeland, possess juvenile yet endearing traits. While some characters take a more serious tone, most are goofy and eccentric, making them a joy to spend time with.

Unique Gameplay and Customization

Apart from their personalities, each playable character in Agents of Mayhem brings a unique set of abilities and weapons to the game. Whether you prefer the fast movement and impressive jumping animations of Fortune, the melee-focused Scheherazade, or a combination of various playstyles, the game offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. During missions, you can take three Agents with you, allowing you to experiment with different characters while still keeping your favorites in rotation. The shooting, driving, and jumping mechanics feel great, making each agent feel like a superhero. However, occasional physics hiccups and slow actions can lead to unexpected deaths.

A Bland Backdrop with Exciting Missions

While the futuristic version of Seoul may lack memorable locations, Agents of Mayhem compensates with its variety of missions. The game may not excel as an open-world experience, but it truly shines as an action-packed adventure. The story, while silly at times, contributes to the lighthearted atmosphere of the game. The numerous jokes, although not always successful, add to the overall fun and make for an enjoyable experience. The optional side missions and character interactions provide an extra layer of oddity and entertainment, ensuring that players remain engaged throughout.

Customization and Progression

In Agents of Mayhem, every character, whether actively used or not, levels up gradually, acquiring new abilities that can be applied at any time. This allows for personalized experimentation with different playing styles. Additionally, you can send unused agents on missions, earning money and rewards in the background. These rewards contribute to leveling up broader abilities that benefit all characters, such as faster cooldowns and experience multipliers. The game maintains an excellent pace of rewarding players for their actions, making the characters stronger and providing more options for customization.


Agents of Mayhem may be cheesy, rarely funny, and generally ridiculous, but it offers an exhilarating and enjoyable gaming experience. The frenetic action, combined with the diverse abilities of the characters, allows for strategic gameplay and endless opportunities for fun. Despite its bland backdrop, the game immerses players in its explosive world, keeping them engaged for extended play sessions.


Q: Is Agents of Mayhem similar to Saint’s Row?

A: Yes, both games share similarities as open-world action games developed by Volition. However, Agents of Mayhem carves out its own identity with its unique characters and gameplay mechanics.

Q: Can I customize the playable characters?

A: Yes, each character in Agents of Mayhem can be customized with new abilities that are earned as they level up. This allows for personalized gameplay and experimentation.

Q: Are there side missions in the game?

A: Yes, there are numerous side missions throughout the game, offering additional adventures and opportunities to interact with the characters.

Q: Can I switch between playable characters during missions?

A: Absolutely! Agents of Mayhem allows you to switch between three playable characters during missions, providing flexibility and the chance to experiment with different abilities.

Q: Is the game suitable for long play sessions?

A: Yes, the game’s frenetic action and diverse gameplay mechanics make it highly engaging and ideal for extended play sessions.

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