Thursday, 23 May 2024

A Day With PlayStation TV

Today marks the release of Sony’s PlayStation TV, a compact gaming system that provides access to a wide range of PlayStation content. While it may not offer all the features of a complete entertainment package just yet, the PlayStation TV shows promise with its budget-friendly price and potential for growth in the future.

Introducing PlayStation TV

The PlayStation TV comes in two packages: a $99 barebones version with just the unit and necessary connection wires, and a $139 option that includes a Dual Shock 3 controller, an extra 8GB memory card, and a voucher for The Lego Movie Videogame. The sleek, black matte finish and compact size make it an attractive addition to any setup.

Easy Setup and Familiar Interface

Setting up the PlayStation TV is a breeze. It connects directly to your television via an HDMI cable and provides instant access to your SEN account or allows new users to create an account. The interface is user-friendly, with a large type display that resembles the simplicity of the Wii U. Parental controls are also available to ensure a safe gaming environment for kids.

Exciting Features for Established Gamers

For gamers already engaged with another PlayStation system, the PlayStation TV offers two cool features. The first is remote play, which allows you to stream games from your PS4 to the PlayStation TV. This is ideal for playing games in another room without moving the PS4 itself. While there may be some noticeable lag and a downgrade in visuals, it’s still a convenient option for less demanding games.

The second feature is the ability to plug in Vita cartridges and play them on your home TV. This opens up a whole library of games at a lower cost for those who haven’t invested in a Vita. It’s worth noting that not all Vita games are supported, so be sure to check the official list to confirm compatibility.

Affordable Gaming and Entertainment

For those who don’t already own a home PlayStation system, the PlayStation TV offers an affordable way to access some of the Vita library and download PS One and PSP titles. It also supports streaming of PS3 games through PlayStation Now. Additionally, users can purchase or rent movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store, and a selection of streaming services like Crackle, Crunchyroll, and Qello are available at launch.

While the PlayStation TV may not offer the same flexibility and entertainment experience as a dedicated home console, it serves as a secondary gaming tool for families who want to enjoy quality games at a lower cost. For individuals looking to enter the gaming world, the PlayStation TV provides an inexpensive gateway to Sony’s gaming and media offerings. However, it’s important to note that the limited streaming and gaming options at launch may be a drawback for some.


If you have specific questions about the PlayStation TV, refer to our extensive FAQ section to find answers and further information.


With its affordable price, compact design, and access to a wide range of PlayStation content, the PlayStation TV shows potential as a secondary gaming tool or entry point into the world of gaming. While it may not offer all the features of a dedicated home console, it provides an enjoyable gaming experience at a fraction of the cost. As Sony continues to expand its library and improve streaming options, the PlayStation TV has the potential to become a valuable addition to any gaming setup.