Sunday, 26 May 2024

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris – A Thrilling Adventure


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s latest expansion, The Siege of Paris, is finally here, offering fans of the game an exciting new chapter in their Viking adventure. In this DLC, players will journey to West Francia, ruled by Charles the Fat, where they’ll forge alliances and face enemies to protect the Raven Clan. As a seasoned Valhalla player, I had the opportunity to dive into the main story and explore the new content. Here are my impressions of this thrilling expansion.

A Dark and Visually Stunning Adventure

The Siege of Paris invites players into a visually striking and thematically captivating experience. The DLC stays true to the established formula of Valhalla while introducing a range of exciting elements. From mounted enemies to side quests called Rebel Missions, players will discover fresh abilities, gear, and even get to ride a bear. While these features bring a sense of familiarity, they still manage to feel different and engaging. However, one of the new additions, the rat swarm puzzle, feels a bit clunky. Fighting off these little creatures with Eivor’s wild swings proves to be more suited for the battlefield than herding rats. On the other hand, the ranged ability called Plague of Rats offers an effective and discreet way to clear groups of soldiers.

Choice Takes Center Stage

What truly shines in The Siege of Paris is the freedom of choice it offers. The black box missions allow players to tackle their targets with either stealth or brute force. Both approaches are equally effective, but following the clues laid out by the developers adds an extra layer of engagement. The assassination events, with their narrative-rich opportunities, provide players with unique and cinematic kills that truly immerse them in the game. While Valhalla excels in offering narrative choices, not all of them deliver a satisfying outcome. Some seemingly crucial decisions are quickly reversed, leaving players with a sense that their choices ultimately hold little significance.

The Narrative and Setting

The narrative of The Siege of Paris has its ups and downs, particularly at the beginning. Two travelers from Francia come to Eivor’s village seeking help against the Frankish King Charles. Their argument, while not the strongest, manages to convince Eivor to embark on a new adventure. The introduction to Francia sets a grim tone with its devastating aftermath of a battle, overcast weather, and sorrowful music. The entire setting feels muted and ominous, although the countryside offers some colorful moments. Your base in Melun, near Paris, not only provides access to additional merchants but also introduces the new Rebel Missions and a rebel shop where mission-specific currency can be spent to improve your insurgent support force.

A Familiar Yet Exciting Journey

The story of The Siege of Paris unfolds similarly to the quests in various English shires that players have already experienced. With clear strategic goals, allies with their own objectives, and a blend of political intrigue and large-scale battles, players will feel right at home. The titular siege of Paris, while exciting, may not deliver groundbreaking gameplay for those who have already explored Valhalla.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris is a fitting addition to the game’s existing content, offering a thrilling continuation of Eivor’s saga. Fans of the original game can expect more of what they love, with interesting side content, unique gear, fresh landmarks, and an engaging narrative. The DLC is now available for season pass holders and will launch for everyone tomorrow. Embark on this new adventure and experience the epic world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla once again!


  1. When does The Siege of Paris expansion launch for everyone?
    The expansion is available for season pass holders now and will launch for everyone tomorrow.

  2. What new features can players expect in The Siege of Paris?
    Players will encounter mounted enemies, rebel missions, fresh abilities, gear, and even get to ride a bear.

  3. Does the DLC offer narrative choices?
    Yes, players will have the freedom to make choices that impact the game’s narrative, although some may not have significant consequences.

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