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Ascend: New Gods – A Unique and Engaging Gaming Experience

Ascend: New Gods

Ascend: New Gods is an upcoming game that caught the spotlight at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. While the announcement trailer may not have been spectacular, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that this game is shaping up to be something truly unique and exciting.

In Ascend: New Gods, players take on the role of a Caos, a half-giant warrior who pledges allegiance to one of three gods: Light, Dark, or Void. The main objective is to bring the world under the influence of the chosen god by destroying shrines dedicated to the other gods and building their own. As players construct their shrines, they will witness the land transforming into a more favorable environment for their deity.

Embrace Different Play Styles with Three Gods

Each god represents a distinct play style. The goddess of darkness focuses on destruction and hate, while the followers of Light act as crusaders, aiming to rid the world of heathens. The Void faction revolves around manipulation and control, embodying the trickster archetype in mythology. This diversity ensures that players can tailor their gameplay according to their preferred style.

Conquer Titans and Other Challenges

As players progress, they will encounter the Titans, the current rulers of the world. In addition to battling other gods, players will face colossal boss battles reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus or God of War. However, Titans and rival Caos are not the only obstacles to overcome. Ascend: New Gods offers deep hack and slash elements with a unique combo system and a magic skill tree exclusive to each faction. Players must utilize these tools to combat monsters and humans, collecting valuable loot along the way.

Strategic Combat with Unique Human Interaction

The game introduces a fascinating twist when it comes to battling humans. In Ascend: New Gods, humans barely reach the knee of the Caos. Most will run away, serving as a source of health restoration when consumed. However, some humans will climb onto the player’s character and attempt to kill them. Humans residing in villages controlled by a Caos’ god will worship and fight alongside players, even climbing onto their shoulders to fire arrows at enemies.

Asynchronous Multiplayer for Cooperative and Competitive Gameplay

Similar to Demon’s Souls, Ascend: New Gods features asynchronous multiplayer. Players will be surrounded by ghost images of others in the same area, distinguishable by the color of their ghosts, representing their aligned god. This multiplayer aspect allows players to send blessings or curses to allies or rivals, respectively. For example, a player can send a fountain that restores health to aid a struggling ally. Conversely, a player can send curses to banish enemies into a rival’s game, earning experience points in the process.

Sacrifice and Power Transfer System

A unique aspect of Ascend: New Gods is the ability for players to sacrifice their Caos to their god and start the game anew. The sacrificed Caos becomes a computer-controlled minion, harassing players aligned with the other two gods. The player who made the sacrifice receives experience points, similar to banishing monsters into another player’s game. What’s even more intriguing is that when players restart, they retain some of their power, allowing them to use abilities from all three factions, regardless of their alliance. This power transfer system rewards players who make sacrifices and encourages strategic decision-making.

Stay Connected with the Mobile App and Future Business Models

To further enhance the gaming experience, a mobile app for Windows phones will be available. This app enables players to bless or curse their friends in real-time and keep track of their ascended Caos.

In regards to the game’s pricing model, the developers at Signal Studios have expressed interest in exploring alternative business models, including free-to-play. While no official confirmation has been made, the possibility of Ascend: New Gods being the first free-to-play game on XBLA is certainly exciting.


Q: When will Ascend: New Gods be released?
A: Ascend: New Gods is set to release in early 2013.

Q: Will Ascend: New Gods be available on platforms other than XBLA?
A: Currently, the game is planned for release on XBLA only.

Q: Are there any multiplayer modes other than asynchronous multiplayer?
A: Asynchronous multiplayer is a prominent feature in Ascend: New Gods. Further multiplayer modes are yet to be announced.


Ascend: New Gods promises an immersive and dynamic gaming experience. With its unique gameplay mechanics, diverse play styles, and strategic multiplayer elements, players are sure to be captivated by this upcoming title. Stay tuned for its release in early 2013 and prepare to embark on an epic journey to conquer gods and titans alike. For more information about Ascend: New Gods, visit Wqaindia.