Thursday, 23 May 2024

A Legendary Rebirth: Exploring Doom’s Single Player Experience

Doom Single Player

When I visited the id Software headquarters in Richardson, Texas, I was taken aback by the modern and inviting atmosphere. It was a far cry from the dark and intense vibe I imagined from the creators of Doom. The studio’s game director, Marty Stratton, led me on a tour, showcasing the art team, programmers, and even a multiplayer testing area. But what struck me the most were the remnants of id’s past, such as the original sketch of Doom’s cover art and life-size statues from Quake and Doom.

Stratton then treated me to a sneak peek of Doom’s single player campaign. He showed me the “Movement Map,” a gray-boxed development area that served as the foundation for the game’s addictive gameplay. However, due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to play the introductory level and had to dive right into the action.

The level I played, called “Resource Operations,” immersed me in a legitimate science-fiction setting. As the iconic space marine, my mission was to uncover answers about the demon invasion. The combat was intense, with the Possessed (former UAC personnel turned demonic foot soldiers) and Imps posing a formidable threat. But armed with a pistol and combat shotgun, I felt empowered as I unleashed thundering punishment upon my enemies.

Throughout the level, I encountered various challenges and enemies, each requiring different strategies to overcome. I was particularly impressed with the glory kills, brutal finishing moves that added a satisfying level of violence to the gameplay. As I battled my way through the UAC complex, I also discovered new weapons and mods, further enhancing my combat capabilities.

But it wasn’t just the combat that impressed me. The level design and narrative elements kept me engaged and eager for more. The UAC complex felt alive and atmospheric, with every detail meticulously crafted to create an immersive experience. I was particularly intrigued by the introduction of supporting characters, like the villainous Dr. Olivia Pierce, who added depth to the narrative.

As my time in the Resource Operations level came to an end, I found myself wanting more. The gameplay was polished, the combat was satisfying, and the narrative showed promise. Although this was just a small slice of the full campaign, it left me excited for the release of Doom.


1. When will Doom be released?
Doom is set to release in spring, although an exact date is yet to be announced.

2. What platforms will Doom be available on?
Doom will be available on multiple platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

3. Can you customize weapons in Doom?
Yes, Doom offers weapon mods that allow you to enhance your arsenal and tailor your playstyle.

4. Is there a multiplayer mode in Doom?
Yes, Doom features a thrilling arena multiplayer mode where players can compete against each other in intense matches.

5. Can I create my own levels in Doom?
Absolutely! Doom comes with the SnapMap creation engine, which allows players to design and share their own levels with the community.


From my hands-on experience with Doom’s single player campaign, it’s clear that id Software has delivered a rebirth of the legendary franchise. The gameplay is fast-paced, the combat is intense, and the level design is atmospheric. With its captivating narrative and polished mechanics, Doom promises to be a must-play first-person shooter. Keep an eye out for its release this spring!

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