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Armello: The Vision Behind a Game Changer

Armello is not just another game. It is the product of a dedicated team with a vision and the determination to make it a reality. Trent Kusters, the director of League of Geeks, the masterminds behind Armello, had a dream of creating a game that seemed impossible to fund. However, inspired by the success of Bastion and the indie boom, Kusters decided to take a chance and assemble a team of passionate individuals who were willing to devote their time and energy to bring this dream to life.

The process of bringing Armello to fruition has exceeded Kusters’ expectations. Through a profit-sharing system, every member of the team is rewarded based on their contributions, with points tied to the game’s profit. This unique approach has fostered a strong belief in the project among the team members, which has been a source of comfort and motivation for Kusters.

But what sets Armello apart from other games? It is a seamless blend of board games and captivating storytelling. The game provides a choice of four heroes (rat, rabbit, bear, or wolf), with plans to expand to eight heroes upon launch. Each character has its own play style, emphasizing either fighting or stealth. The ultimate goal is to become the ruler of Armello.

The game unfolds on a 3D hex-tile board, with various terrains such as swamps, forests, and dungeons adding depth and variety to the gameplay. The map is procedurally generated for each match, ensuring a unique experience every time. Your journey to the throne is governed by action points, which are spent on movement and battles. The outcome of battles is determined by dice rolls, with touchscreen controls adding an interactive element. Day and night shifts further enhance the gameplay, providing certain characters with additional advantages. A deck of cards introduces strategic elements, offering boosts and the opportunity to outmaneuver opponents.

In Armello, your strategy is the key to victory. Each character has a unique quest line that changes with each game, immersing you in a world full of small stories and granting you the power needed to claim the throne. While battling other players is an option, it carries the risk of death and setbacks. Alternatively, you can embrace the darkness and make a pact with a demon to gain dark powers and triumph in a different way.

During my time with Armello, I was amazed by its complexity. The game puts the choices in your hands, allowing for various approaches to success. Whether it’s hiding in forests for stealthy kills or engaging in fierce competition, Armello offers a wealth of options and promises high replayability. With both local and online multiplayer options, the game invites intense competition and endless possibilities.

Armello is a game that defies expectations and captivates players with its innovative gameplay, immersive storytelling, and strategic depth. The passion and dedication of the team behind it shine through in every aspect, making it a game changer in the industry. So roll the dice and embark on your journey to conquer Armello – the kingdom awaits!


Q1: How many heroes are available in Armello?

Armello currently offers four heroes to choose from (rat, rabbit, bear, or wolf). However, the team plans to expand this roster to eight heroes upon the game’s launch.

Q2: What is the unique feature of Armello’s gameplay?

One of the unique features of Armello is its procedurally generated map. Each match provides a different map layout, ensuring that every game is a fresh and unpredictable experience.

Q3: Can you explain the battle mechanics in Armello?

Battles in Armello are determined by dice rolls, with touchscreen controls allowing for an interactive experience. The outcome of battles relies on luck, but strategic use of cards and character abilities can tip the scales in your favor.


Armello is a testament to the power of vision and determination. The team at League of Geeks has crafted a game that combines the best elements of board games and storytelling, offering players a captivating and strategic experience. With its unique gameplay mechanics, intricate quests, and immersive world, Armello promises endless hours of thrilling gameplay. So venture forth and claim your rightful place on the throne in the kingdom of Armello!

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