Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

10 EA Games We’d Love to See Remastered


At this year’s Gamescom, there was a hint that EA might be considering remastering the Mass Effect series. This got us thinking about other EA games that could use a second chance in full HD. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the games from EA’s catalog that we would love to see revamped for modern consoles.

Jade Empire: A Timeless Classic

One game that stands out is Jade Empire. Released in 2005, it was a unique experience that blended a mystical Chinese setting with BioWare’s signature moral choices and combo-focused combat. The game was ahead of its time and a true gem. A remastered version with updated graphics and improved accessibility could introduce a new generation of players to this exceptional title.

Burnout 3: Takedown: The King of Racing

While Burnout: Paradise is a fan favorite, Burnout 3: Takedown holds a special place in our hearts. It revolutionized the racing genre with its fast-paced gameplay and introduced the iconic Crash Mode. The ease of jumping into races made it a thrilling experience, and we can only imagine the excitement a remastered version would bring.

Def Jam Vendetta: A Hip-Hop Wrestling Extravaganza

Def Jam Vendetta was a unique wrestling game that combined the world of hip-hop with intense gameplay. It was a fun experience that showcased some of the biggest names in the music industry. While licensing could pose a challenge, we believe that a revamped version could capture the same magic and attract both old and new fans.

Mirror’s Edge: A Parkour Adventure

Mirror’s Edge was a groundbreaking game that introduced players to the exhilarating world of parkour. Its unique art style and immersive gameplay made it an instant hit. While a remaster could have been tied to the release of its sequel, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, we believe that a standalone remastered version would still be well-received by fans and newcomers alike.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted: The Ultimate Racing Experience

Among the many Need for Speed games, Most Wanted stands out as a high point for the series. The thrilling races, car customization options, and engaging storyline made it a must-play for racing enthusiasts. Its cheesy cutscenes added a charm that set it apart from its competitors. A remastered version would be a dream come true for fans of the series.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: War Never Felt So Good

If we had to pick one Battlefield game to remaster, it would undoubtedly be Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While the story and characters weren’t as strong as the original Bad Company, the game excelled in its multiplayer suite. It offered a wide range of maps, including the series’ signature open environments, and a solid co-op mode. A remastered edition would bring back the intense battles and camaraderie that made the game so memorable.

Skate 3: Keeping the Skateboarding Dream Alive

Skateboarding fans have been eagerly awaiting Skate 4, but in the meantime, a remastered version of Skate 3 would be a great compromise. It would allow fans to relive the joys of the skateboarding simulator without having to wait for a completely new game. The success of the remaster could also gauge the demand for a new installment in the series.

SSX 3: Carving the Slopes

EA attempted to recreate the magic of the SSX series with a reboot, but it didn’t quite capture the essence of the older games. The ultimate way to recapture that magic would be to release the original SSX 3. With its open-world design and thrilling gameplay, it solidified itself as one of the best snowboarding games of all time. A remastered version would give fans a chance to relive the excitement.

Dead Space Trilogy: A Horror Trilogy to Remember

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick just one game to remaster. In the case of the Dead Space series, it would make sense to release all three games as a package. Each entry in the trilogy tells a gripping horror story that kept players on the edge of their seats. A remastered collection would be a fantastic opportunity for both newcomers and longtime fans to experience the complete saga.

A Collection of Old Sports Games: A Blast from the Past

Sports games have become increasingly complex over the years, but there’s something special about the simplicity and fun of older titles like FIFA World Cup 98 and NBA JAM. While it may be challenging to navigate the contracts and licenses associated with these games, we can’t help but yearn for a chance to play them again on modern consoles. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see these classics return.


  • Q: Are these remasters officially confirmed by EA?

  • A: No, these are our personal wishes for potential remasters. We hope EA considers them, but there’s no official confirmation at this time.

  • Q: Are there any other EA games that could be remastered?

  • A: Absolutely! EA has an extensive catalog of games, and there are many other titles that fans would love to see remastered. These are just a few suggestions.


Remastering old games allows us to relive cherished memories and introduces new audiences to incredible experiences. While we eagerly await any official announcements from EA regarding remastered versions of these games, we can’t help but imagine the possibilities. Whether it’s revisiting familiar worlds or discovering forgotten gems, the potential for revitalizing classic EA titles is something we can all get excited about.