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10 Call Of Duty Settings That Could Take the Franchise to New Heights

Call of Duty has been known for its exciting and action-packed gameplay, but lately, the franchise has been heavily focused on near-future settings. While this has its merits, it’s time to explore some alternative settings that could bring a fresh perspective to the series. Let’s take a look at 10 settings that could take Call of Duty to new heights.

Vietnam War – 1955-1975

The Vietnam War is one of the most intriguing conflicts in American history, yet it hasn’t been given the attention it deserves in video games. A game set entirely during this war could offer a unique and compelling campaign. From the intense warfare to the captivating soundtrack, the Vietnam War has all the elements to create a truly memorable Call of Duty experience.

Vietnam War

American Civil War – 1861-1865

The American Civil War was a brutal and devastating conflict that shaped the nation’s history. With iconic battles, well-known generals, and a rich backdrop of political strife, this war offers a wealth of storytelling opportunities. Exploring this era would not only provide players with a fresh experience but also put to rest the notion that Call of Duty is repetitive from year to year.

American Civil War

Bosnian War – 1992-1995

The Bosnian War, which followed the breakup of Yugoslavia, was marked by intense artillery attacks, ethnic cleansing, and political tensions. This lesser-known conflict presents an opportunity for Call of Duty to delve into a story that is both gripping and relevant. From Operation Tiger to Operation Spider, the Bosnian War offers a variety of missions that could captivate players.

Bosnian War

American Revolutionary War – 1775-1783

The American Revolutionary War was a pivotal period in U.S. history, and it deserves a game that does justice to its significance. With a rich tapestry of political intrigue, famous figures, and intense battles, this era offers ample material for a compelling Call of Duty storyline. By immersing players in this conflict, developers can create a game that resonates with both gamers and history enthusiasts alike.

American Revolutionary War

Modern War – Present Day

While the Call of Duty franchise has explored modern warfare in the past, it’s time to revisit this setting. By grounding the game in present-day conflicts, developers can deliver a story that is both realistic and engaging. This return to a more familiar setting would not only reignite fans’ passion but also remind them of the franchise’s roots.

Modern War

World War II – 1939-1945

There’s always a clamor among fans for a return to World War II, and it’s not hard to see why. With advancements in graphics and gameplay, a World War II game in the vein of the original Call of Duty could be a true masterpiece. By leveraging the new open-area design and intense combat of recent installments, developers can immerse players in the iconic battles and rich history of the Second World War.

World War II

World War I – 1914-1918

The Great War may not be an obvious choice for a video game adaptation, but it offers unique opportunities for storytelling. By focusing on the harrowing trench warfare and crafting a narrative around the camaraderie of soldiers, developers can create a deeply immersive experience. While challenging, it’s not impossible to design a game that captures the intensity and sacrifice of World War I.

World War I

Narco States of Latin America – 1970s-1990s

The narco states of Latin America during the 1970s to 1990s were characterized by notorious drug lords and intense conflicts. One figure that stands out is Pablo Escobar, whose larger-than-life persona and ruthless tactics could be the perfect backdrop for a Call of Duty game. The stunning landscapes of Latin America would provide a visually stunning setting, while the stories from this time period could offer gripping gameplay experiences.

Narco States of Latin America

Cold War – 1947-1991

The Cold War was a unique era characterized by political posturing and secretive operations. While battles were not as prevalent, the original Black Ops showed that a story set during this period could be incredibly compelling. By exploring classified CIA operations or hypothetical conflicts, developers can tap into the intrigue and suspense that defined this era.

Cold War

Distant Future – 21XX and Beyond

If the developers want to push the boundaries, they could explore a distant future setting that goes beyond the near-future focus of recent games. By embracing advanced technology and innovative gameplay mechanics, Call of Duty could create a truly unique and immersive experience. While venturing into the unknown can be risky, it could also lead to groundbreaking ideas that redefine the franchise.

Distant Future


Q: Will Call of Duty ever revisit past settings?

A: While the franchise has predominantly focused on modern and future settings in recent years, the developers have shown a willingness to explore different eras. With fan demand for a return to past settings, it’s possible that we may see Call of Duty revisit historical conflicts in the future.

Q: How can I stay updated on Call of Duty news and announcements?

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Call of Duty has the potential to transport players to a variety of captivating settings. By embracing new eras and returning to past conflicts, the franchise can offer fresh experiences that captivate gamers and honor the historical significance of these events. Whether it’s the Vietnam War, the American Revolutionary War, or the narco states of Latin America, there are countless stories waiting to be told. It’s time for Call of Duty to embark on new adventures and create gaming experiences that leave a lasting impact.