Sunday, 26 May 2024

6 Xbox One Controller Designs That Add a Touch of Fun

Have you ever wanted to add a personal touch to your Xbox One controller? Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab allows you to do just that, with a range of color schemes and custom laser engraving options. While many gamers are creating stunning designs, we thought it would be fun to explore some unique designs that can add a playful twist to your gaming sessions. Let’s take a look at six Xbox One controller designs that are sure to surprise and entertain your friends.

Design #1: The Plain Jane

For the ultimate troll effect, the Plain Jane design is the way to go. With its identical appearance to a regular Xbox One controller, you can playfully tease your friend about how “boring” they are. This design is perfect for those who enjoy a subtle sense of humor and want to keep their friends on their toes.

Design #2: The Casper

If you have a friend who lacks a sense of humor, the Casper design is a great choice. With its ghostly white color, this controller is sure to make a statement. While it may not elicit an immediate laugh, it will definitely catch your friend’s attention and leave them wondering about the meaning behind this minimalist design.

The Casper

Design #3: Baby Blue

Looking to bring a smile to your friend’s face? The Baby Blue design is here to help. With its adorable color scheme, this controller will make your friend feel like a big baby! And if that’s not enough, the “Mommy’s Big Boy!” branding will surely keep the jokes rolling during your multiplayer gaming sessions.

Design #4: The Cube

For the friend who still holds a soft spot for the GameCube, the Cube design is a playful reminder. With its sleek design reminiscent of the GameCube controller, this design will surely bring back memories. And the engraved message “G.C. Boy 4 Life!” will undoubtedly spark conversations about their gaming nostalgia.

Design #5: The Marge

Accidents can sometimes lead to unexpected masterpieces, just like The Marge design. Inspired by a desire to create the ugliest design possible, this controller unintentionally resembles a Picasso portrait of Marge Simpson. The pink analogue sticks add an extra touch of eccentricity, making gaming sessions with The Marge truly unforgettable.

The Marge

Design #6: The Clown Car

If you’re aiming for the ultimate eye-catching design, look no further than The Clown Car. This vibrant and bold color scheme is sure to make a statement. But beware, your friend may question your taste if you gift them this design. With or without the “HOT GARBAGE” engraving, this controller is a lighthearted way to bring a smile to your friend’s face.

The Clown Car


Q: Can I save custom laser engravings on the Xbox Design Lab website?
A: Unfortunately, the Xbox Design Lab does not save custom laser engravings to controller templates. However, you can manually add them yourself if you decide to purchase one of these designs.

Q: Are these designs available for purchase?
A: While you can create these designs using the Xbox Design Lab, we encourage you to have fun and share them with your friends rather than purchasing them. After all, the real joy comes from the surprise and laughter these designs can bring.

Q: Can I use these designs on other gaming consoles?
A: These designs are specifically tailored for Xbox One controllers. However, you may find inspiration from them to create unique designs for other gaming consoles as well.


With the Xbox Design Lab, you have the opportunity to add a touch of fun and personality to your gaming experience. Whether you choose to troll your friends or bring a smile to their faces, these unique designs offer a lighthearted way to enjoy gaming with a personal touch. So go ahead, let your creativity shine and surprise your friends with a one-of-a-kind Xbox One controller design!

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