Friday, 24 May 2024

Analyzing The New Mega Pokémon

Nintendo recently unveiled the new Mega evolution forms that are featured in Pokémon X and Y. These new forms have generated mixed reactions among fans. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these new Mega evolutions and provide our expert analysis.


Mewtwo, one of the most iconic Pokémon, does indeed look pretty cool in its Mega form. With its streamlined and alien-like appearance, Mewtwo exudes power and fierceness. Its ability to use a Vader-esque force choke only adds to its imposing image. We give Mega Mewtwo a solid rating of 8.


Ampharos, despite its impressive weight and electric-type abilities, has always been held back by its goofy design. The red ball at the end of its tail is particularly off-putting. However, with its Mega evolution, Ampharos gets a much-needed makeover. Its tail is replaced with a cloud-like one, and its mullet hairstyle gives it a cool ’80s action hero vibe. We give Mega Ampharos a thumbs-up for its transformation.


Absol is already a standout Pokémon with its sleek design and disaster classification. Its Mega evolution only enhances its appeal. The yin-and-yang hairstyle becomes even more prominent, and the addition of wings to its mane adds a touch of elegance. Overall, Mega Absol is an awe-inspiring transformation.


Mawile’s design has always been a bit peculiar, with its pigtails resembling a monster’s mouth. Its Mega evolution doesn’t bring much change to its overall appearance, mostly just adding another monster mouth. While it may not be the most creative evolution, it does make Mega Mawile look scarier. We think it’s an okay upgrade.


Lucario, with its resemblances to both Anubis and Sly Cooper, has always been a captivating Pokémon. Its Mega evolution doesn’t deviate much from its original form, but the addition of extra spikes and larger head thingies gives it a more imposing presence. We appreciate the subtle changes that Mega Lucario brings to the table.


Blaziken, with its ’70s vibe and furry crotch lump, has often been considered a bit bizarre. Its Mega evolution doesn’t completely fix these issues, but it does improve upon some aspects. The cooler hair, flames streaming off its wrists, and the new kung-fu pose give Mega Blaziken a more dynamic appearance. While it may not be a drastic transformation, it is still an improvement.

Please note that this article is based on our personal analysis and opinions.


Q: Can I find these Mega Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y?
A: Yes, these Mega evolutions are indeed available in Pokémon X and Y. You can obtain them through various methods, such as using Mega Stones or participating in special events.

Q: Are Mega evolutions permanent?
A: No, Mega evolutions are temporary transformations that can only be activated during battles. Once the battle ends, the Pokémon reverts back to its regular form.

Q: How do Mega evolutions affect gameplay?
A: Mega evolutions grant Pokémon increased stats and in some cases, new abilities. This can give trainers an advantage in battles and add strategic depth to their gameplay.


The Mega evolutions in Pokémon X and Y offer a mix of exciting transformations and subtle enhancements. While some may argue that not all of the Mega forms are groundbreaking, they still provide an interesting twist to familiar Pokémon. We look forward to seeing how trainers utilize these Mega evolutions in their quests to become Pokémon masters.

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