Thursday, 23 May 2024

A Journey with Final Fantasy XV: A Reflection and Appreciation

Dear Final Fantasy XV,

I feel compelled to express my experiences and thoughts while journeying through your captivating world. Over the past two years, I have embarked on an adventure filled with highs and lows, moments of genuine enjoyment, and occasional frustrations. It’s time to reflect and appreciate the unique aspects that make you an extraordinary game.

Embracing the Concept

The concept of a literal road trip was what initially drew me to you. The allure of exploring the countryside, accompanied by the camaraderie of friends, and a backdrop of futuristic cars and epic battles fascinated me. I cannot deny that the idea of a game centered around such a journey truly resonated with me.

The Beauty within the Game

Although I may have struggled to fully embrace your entirety, there were elements that I genuinely loved. The discovery of new recipes by a personal chef in every new location was a delightful experience. The banter between the characters felt genuine, albeit occasionally awkward. These moments added a sense of realism and depth to our encounters.

A Mixture of Oddities

However, it is important to acknowledge that certain aspects of the game felt peculiar. The combat system, for instance, had a floaty quality that did not always resonate with my playstyle. Additionally, the time spent traveling between locales, accompanied only by Square Enix game soundtracks, sometimes lacked the enthrallment I craved. It is this balance of strengths and peculiarities that has led me to intermittently return to and revisit you over the past years.

A Personal Journey

Acknowledging your outstanding qualities is essential. Intellectually, I understand and appreciate the unique experience you offer. The culmination of various elements creates a vibrant and eccentric game unlike any other. There is no doubt that you are indeed a remarkable creation.

The Passage of Time

Yet, despite recognizing your brilliance, I confess that I have found it challenging to fully commit myself to the adventure. Part of this stems from the realization that, as I grow older, my time for non-work related gaming expeditions diminishes. The commitment demanded by a game that spans 40-60 hours can be quite substantial. Consequently, I find myself torn between the desire to dedicate myself to your journey and the allure of future gaming experiences, like Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption II.

Accepting the Journey’s End

There is a dynamic struggle that many encounter when faced with an impressive game they are unable to complete. In the past, leaving a quality game unfinished would leave me with a sense of dissatisfaction. I would often return later, aiming to provide closure and the respect a title deserves. However, I have come to realize that life should not be solely driven by obligations. I am no longer willing to invest countless hours into an experience that may offer little more than wandering and occasional quirks.

The End of Our Journey Together

Yet, as I bid farewell to our adventure, I want to assure you that this decision is not indicative of your worth or appeal. Your sales and loyal fanbase continue to grow, and the dedication to providing DLC and updates is nothing short of impressive. Many are captivated by your world, and I recognize that it is my loss to not fully immerse myself in your realm.

In closing, I wish you the best as you continue to thrive and resonate with players across the globe. I hope you remain true to your essence and continue to captivate those who embark on their own journeys with you.



P.S. It’s only fair to admit that my previous statement was a jest. Prompto brings a unique energy to the game, and his presence should not be dismissed.