Thursday, 23 May 2024

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review

Aliens: Colonial Marines

All the elements were in place. Sega announced five years ago that Gearbox would develop an FPS game based on the Aliens franchise. It seemed like a dream come true for Aliens fans, as the game would bridge the gap between Aliens and Alien 3. However, the long-awaited Aliens: Colonial Marines fell short of expectations.

A Lackluster Story

Colonial Marines attempts to tell a canonical story, but it fails to make any significant impact. The events that unfold lack consequence and feel like walking through a funhouse with the lights on. While there are nods to memorable moments from the films, the game fails to provide any new thrills.

Mediocre Xenomorphs

In the films, xenomorphs are terrifying and relentless. However, in Colonial Marines, they come across as more of a nuisance. The initial thrill of encountering them quickly fades as their movements and animations appear off-balance and lacking in grace. Even the new xeno types fail to bring much variety to the overall experience.

Ineffective Allies and Dim-witted Enemies

The AI of squadmates and enemies leaves much to be desired. Allies, like O’Neil, lack effectiveness and frequently exhibit bizarre behaviors. The enemy AI is equally disappointing, with foes often oblivious to the player’s presence. Overall, the lack of intelligent AI diminishes the challenge and immersion of the game.

Underpowered Weapons

The arsenal of weapons in Colonial Marines is underwhelming. With the exception of the Smartgun, the weapons feel weak and ineffective. Long-range combat becomes frustrating due to the poor performance of the weapons. The available upgrades only marginally improve the overall effectiveness of the arsenal.

Multiplayer Potential

Multiplayer mode offers a glimmer of hope for players seeking some enjoyment from the game. With various match types and roles to play, multiplayer provides a temporary distraction. However, it suffers from the same issues as the single-player campaign, including subpar animations and glitches.

A Missed Opportunity

When the Aliens license is stripped away, Colonial Marines fails to stand out as a worthwhile shooter. It lacks a unique selling point and fails to leave a lasting impact. The game falls short of the success achieved by previous Aliens-inspired titles. Only the most dedicated Aliens fans may find some redeeming qualities in Colonial Marines.

Aliens: Colonial Marines


Q: Can I enjoy Aliens: Colonial Marines if I’m a fan of the franchise?

A: While some die-hard Aliens fans may find aspects of the game enjoyable, overall, it falls short of expectations.

Q: Are there any memorable moments in the game?

A: The game includes nods to memorable events from the films, but they lack impact and fail to recreate the excitement of the original scenes.

Q: Is the multiplayer mode worth playing?

A: Multiplayer mode offers some temporary enjoyment, but it suffers from the same issues as the single-player campaign.


Aliens: Colonial Marines is a disappointing entry in the Aliens franchise. Despite promising beginnings and the potential to bridge the gap between Aliens and Alien 3, the game fails to deliver an engaging and memorable experience. With lackluster storytelling, underwhelming enemies, and ineffective allies, Colonial Marines falls short of its predecessors. Only the most dedicated Aliens fans may find some redeeming qualities in this game. Explore more about the Aliens franchise at Wqaindia.