Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

Amnesia: Rebirth Review

After surviving a plane crash in the Algerian desert, archaeologist Tasi Trianon embarks on a desperate quest for help while wrestling with gaps in her memory. Along the way, she uncovers fragments of her past and encounters terrifying creatures that stalk her from the shadows. Amnesia: Rebirth offers an intense and emotional experience, but it falls short in its puzzle design.

A Journey through Darkness

As players join Tasi in her search for safety, they traverse eerie desert caves, ancient burial tombs, and enigmatic archaeological sites. The environments are dimly lit, creating an unsettling atmosphere where light becomes a crucial tool. The interplay of light and shadows, coupled with the presence of peculiar creatures, evokes a constant sense of spine-chilling anticipation. Tasi’s fear escalates as she moves deeper into darkness, accompanied by fabricated whispers that heighten the tension. Flashing grotesque images intensify the heart-pounding moments, while her lack of combat abilities amplifies the feeling of powerlessness.

The Horror Experience vs. Game Design

Amnesia: Rebirth excels as a horror experience, delivering one pulse-pounding sequence after another. However, as a game, it suffers from certain shortcomings. The puzzles disrupt the pacing and tension, often causing confusion about objectives and steps needed for progression. This lack of clarity can lead to frustrating moments, such as spending excessive time exploring the wrong areas. The dimly lit and labyrinthine environments further compound the issue, making it easy to overlook important elements even when aware of what to look for. Feeling trapped and questioning if the game has encountered a bug can generate significant anxiety.

Monsters that Fail to Deliver

Amnesia: Rebirth introduces otherworldly creatures that haunt Tasi through dank caverns, their presence growing increasingly unnerving. However, these monsters fail to live up to their potential. Their behavior becomes predictable, often turning away from the player at the last moment, proving easy to outrun, and losing interest quickly. Even when caught, the consequences are minimal, with Tasi engaging in a brief struggle before retreating to a safe space nearby. While this convenience is appreciated, it diminishes the horror element of the game.

The Immersive Experience

Despite its flaws, Amnesia: Rebirth still manages to captivate players with its exceptional environmental design and sound work. Tasi’s emotional journey is a rollercoaster ride, and witnessing her story unfold is a genuinely moving experience. The cave filled with horrifying monsters is bearable, but the frustrating puzzles leave a sour taste.


Q: Can Tasi die in the game?
A: No, Tasi cannot die in Amnesia: Rebirth. The game prioritizes the narrative and convenience by allowing Tasi to engage in struggles with creatures but always ensures her safe return to a nearby haven.

Q: Are the puzzles challenging?
A: The puzzles in Amnesia: Rebirth often lack clarity, causing frustration and confusion. They disrupt the game’s flow and may require significant trial and error to progress.


Amnesia: Rebirth delivers an intense horror experience with its atmospheric environments and unsettling encounters. While the game’s puzzles and monster interactions may falter, its superb storytelling and emotional journey make it a worthwhile adventure for horror enthusiasts. Experience Tasi Trianon’s terrifying quest and brace yourself for the unforgettable horrors that await.