Sunday, 23 Jun 2024

Alien: Isolation Review

Alien fans are known for their love of the films and their disappointment with games that don’t live up to the franchise’s potential. Unlike most Alien games, which focus on shooting everything in sight, The Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation takes a different approach. It captures the claustrophobic intensity and relentless stalking of the original film, providing an experience that finally does justice to the Alien name.

A Claustrophobic and Intense Experience

In Alien: Isolation, players assume the role of Amanda Ripley, who is searching for her missing mother on the chaos-ridden space station, Sevastopol. Ripley must explore, fight, and mostly hide to survive and escape, all while trying to prevent the deadly xenomorph from reaching civilization. Although the game’s plot often mirrors scenes from the films, it would have been nice to see more unique surprises along the way. Despite this, reliving iconic moments from the Alien series is a fun experience.

Intense Gameplay and Strategic Choices

Alien: Isolation’s gameplay is its strongest aspect, even though the story falls short. Encounters with the xenomorph are incredibly challenging, as the extraterrestrial creature is faster, invulnerable, and lethal with a single hit. Caution is key in this game; your choices are to be smart and quiet or face certain death. While spending a significant amount of time hiding might sound monotonous, the constant threat of the predator keeps you engaged. Every narrow escape and successful distraction brings a genuine sense of accomplishment.

To aid your survival, you can craft various items, but they are not foolproof. Patience and trial-and-error gameplay are necessary to fully enjoy the game. Alien: Isolation also introduces two additional enemy types: armed human survivors and synthetic androids called Worker Joes. Each enemy has its own unique traits and behaviors, adding depth to the gameplay. The game does an excellent job of mixing up the enemies and introducing new challenges throughout.

Exploring the Station and Overcoming Challenges

The layout of Sevastopol can be confusing, and the lack of a helpful map system and occasional frustrating quick-time events can detract from the overall experience. Additionally, the checkpoint system requires manual saves at designated stations, resulting in potential backtracking. However, reaching a save station provides a much-needed sense of relief. While the save system has its frustrations, it also adds an old-school charm to the game.

Immersive, But Lacks Genuine Horror

Despite its setting and source material, Alien: Isolation falls short on the scare factor. It succeeds in creating tension, and there are certainly jump-scare moments, but it fails to instill the same dread found in the films or other horror games. Fans may find Dead Space to be scarier, but playing through the authentic Alien experience is still highly appealing.


  1. Is Alien: Isolation a first-person or third-person game?

    • Alien: Isolation is a first-person game, immersing players in the intense survival horror experience.
  2. How long is the campaign in Alien: Isolation?

    • The campaign in Alien: Isolation lasts approximately 25 hours, providing players with a lengthy and challenging adventure.


While Alien: Isolation has its flaws, including a lackluster story and occasional frustrations, it successfully captures the essence of the Alien franchise. With its intense gameplay, strategic choices, and immersive atmosphere, it offers fans the opportunity to truly experience the thrill of the Alien universe. Whether you’re a die-hard Alien fan or simply crave a challenging and atmospheric survival horror game, Alien: Isolation delivers. Experience the terror and survive against the relentless xenomorph in this thrilling game.

Alien: Isolation