Sunday, 26 May 2024

Achievements Unlocked: Modern Warfare 2

As we eagerly await the release of Modern Warfare 2 on November 10th, exciting details about the game are slowly emerging. Today, we have the list of Xbox 360 achievements, giving us a glimpse into the incredible feats that gamers will strive to accomplish. Let’s dive into the 1,000 points worth of achievements!

Unleashing the Heroes

  • Back in the Saddle – Join forces with the local militia to support their training efforts. (15 pts)
  • Danger Close – Stand out among the best by being hand-picked for Shepherd’s elite squad. (15 pts)
  • Cold Shoulder – Infiltrate a base nestled amidst a snowy mountain. (15 pts)
  • Tag ’em and Bag ’em – Track down and apprehend Rojas in the Favelas. (15 pts)
  • Royale with Cheese – Heroically defend Burger Town from enemy forces. (15 pts)
  • Soap on a Rope – Courageously storm the gulag and overcome all odds. (15 pts)
  • Desperate Times – Execute a daring plan to aid the American forces. (15 pts)
  • Whiskey Hotel – Reclaim and secure Whiskey Hotel from enemy control. (15 pts)
  • The Pawn – Launch a full-on assault on Makarov’s safe house. (15 pts)
  • Out of the Frying Pan… – Successfully complete a mission within an airplane graveyard. (15 pts)
  • For the Record – Complete the Single Player campaign on any difficulty. (35 pts)
  • The Price of War – Conquer the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty. (90 pts)
  • First Day of School – Master the challenging ‘S.S.D.D’ and ‘Team Player’ missions on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Black Diamond – Show your prowess by conquering the ‘Cliffhanger’ mission on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Turistas – Overcome the odds in the challenging ‘Takedown’ and ‘The Hornet’s Nest’ missions on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Red Dawn – Prove your mettle by completing the ‘Wolverines’ and ‘Exodus’ missions on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Prisoner #627 – Triumph over adversity in the demanding ‘The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday’ and ‘The Gulag’ missions on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Ends Justify the Means – Successfully navigate the formidable ‘Contingency’ mission on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Homecoming – Excel in the challenges presented by ‘Of Their Own Accord’, ‘Second Sun’, and ‘Whiskey Hotel’ on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Queen takes Rook – Master the missions ‘Loose Ends’ and ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)
  • Off the Grid – Demonstrate your skills in the intense ‘Just Like Old Times’ mission on Veteran difficulty. (25 pts)

Special Ops Excellence

  • Pit Boss – Showcase your speed and finesse by completing ‘S.S.D.D’ in The Pit within 30 seconds. (10 pts)
  • Ghost – Expertly plant the C4 in ‘Cliffhanger’ without alerting or harming anyone, even in the midst of a blizzard. (10 pts)
  • Colonel Sanderson – Rapidly eliminate seven chickens in under 10 seconds during ‘The Hornet’s Nest’ mission. (10 pts)
  • Gold Star – Attain a remarkable one-star rating in Special Ops. (20 pts)
  • Hotel Bravo – Impress with your skills by earning four stars in Special Ops. (20 pts)
  • Charlie on Our Six – Continue to shine with your abilities, collecting eight stars in Special Ops. (20 pts)
  • It Goes to Eleven – Showcase your versatility by achieving at least one star in 11 different Special Ops missions. (20 pts)
  • Operational Asset – Push your limits and earn three stars in a minimum of five different Special Ops missions. (20 pts)
  • Blackjack – Truly stand out by amassing 21 stars in the challenging Special Ops missions. (20 pts)
  • Honor Roll – Excel in your skills by earning at least one star in every Special Ops mission. (20 pts)
  • Operative – Prove your expertise by earning three stars in at least 10 different Special Ops missions. (30 pts)
  • Specialist – Reach the pinnacle of excellence, earning an impressive 30 stars in Special Ops. (30 pts)
  • Professional – Set new standards of mastery by achieving three stars in 15 different Special Ops missions. (30 pts)
  • Star 69 – Ascend to greatness with a total of 69 stars earned in Special Ops. (90 pts)

Unconventional Tactics

  • Downed but Not Out – Showcase your resilience by eliminating four enemies consecutively while downed in Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • I’m the Juggernaut… – Display your might by defeating a Juggernaut in Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Ten Plus Foot-Mobiles – Unleash devastating firepower by neutralizing a minimum of 10 enemies with a single Predator missile in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Unnecessary Roughness – Utilize a riot shield to incapacitate an enemy in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Knock-knock – Execute a precise breach by eliminating four enemies with a single slow-mo breach in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Some Like it Hot – Demonstrate your accuracy and skill by eliminating six enemies consecutively with a thermal weapon in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Two Birds with One Stone – Show off your precision by eliminating two enemies with a single bullet in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • The Road Less Traveled – Seek out intelligence and collect 22 enemy intel items. (10 pts)
  • Leave No Stone Unturned – Unearth valuable information by collecting 45 enemy intel items. (10 pts)
  • Drive By – Unleash your fury by eliminating 20 enemies consecutively while driving a vehicle in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • The Harder They Fall – Showcase your prowess by eliminating two rappelling enemies before they touch the ground in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Desperado – Display your versatility by eliminating five enemies consecutively using five different weapons or attachments in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Look Ma Two Hands – Dominate the battlefield by eliminating ten enemies consecutively with akimbo weapons in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • No Rest for the Wary – Operate with stealth and precision by eliminating an enemy with a knife without detection in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)
  • Three-some – Create maximum chaos by eliminating a minimum of three enemies with a single shot from a grenade launcher in Single Player or Special Ops. (10 pts)

Some of my personal favorites include the witty “Royale with Cheese” and the catchy phrase “It Goes to Eleven.” It’s a shame there isn’t an achievement for the iconic Desert Eagle point .50 cal pistol wall kills, but we still appreciate the challenge. And if you caught the reference, you deserve ten respect points!


  1. Are these achievements exclusive to Xbox 360?
    No, these achievements are available for Xbox 360 but may also be applicable to other platforms.

  2. Can I earn these achievements in multiplayer mode?
    No, these achievements are specific to the Single Player and Special Ops modes.

  3. Can I unlock these achievements on lower difficulty levels?
    Yes, you can unlock these achievements on any difficulty level.

  4. How many stars do I need to earn in Special Ops to achieve the highest rank?
    To reach the highest rank in Special Ops, you must earn a total of 69 stars.


Modern Warfare 2 offers a thrilling and challenging experience for gamers. With a wide range of achievements to unlock, players will be engaged for hours on end. So gear up and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will push your skills to the limit. Show the world what you’re capable of and conquer Modern Warfare 2!