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10 Upcoming Games You Don’t Want to Miss

Are you tired of the same old games hogging the spotlight? Exciting titles are on the horizon, flying under the radar, ready to captivate you with their unique gameplay and compelling stories. Here are 10 underappreciated games that deserve your attention:

Untitled Goose Game – A Playful Stealth Puzzle Experience

Untitled Goose Game
Take on the role of a mischievous goose and wreak havoc on a poor gardener’s life. From stealing sandwiches to playing loud music, your goal is to annoy the gardener to the point of rage-quitting. With adorable art, playful music, and devilish gameplay, this puzzle game is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of chaos. Look out for its release in 2018.

Wreckfest – A Smash-Em Up Racing Game

Get ready for a destructive racing experience like no other. Wreckfest, developed by Bugbear Entertainment, features demolition derbies and realistic soft-body car physics. Smush and crumple your way through intense races and satisfy your craving for car-focused violence. The game recently left Steam’s Early Access and will be available on consoles this November.

Sunless Skies – A Space-Based Steampunk RPG

Sunless Skies
Embark on a captivating journey through a dark and mysterious space setting. Sunless Skies, the sequel to the beloved Sunless Seas, offers a challenging roguelike experience combined with stunning 2D art. Survive in this Lovecraftian world as you explore, manage resources, and make life-threatening decisions. Brace yourself for the release of this atmospheric game in September.

My Friend Pedro – A Quirky, Action-Packed Adventure

My Friend Pedro
Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure like no other. My Friend Pedro, developed by DeadToast Entertainment, follows the story of a man wearing a mask and a talking banana. With its Max Payne-esque gameplay, you’ll be pulling off physics-based stunts like slam-dunking yourself, riding barrels, and deflecting bullets with frying pans. Get ready for some violent, absurd action when the game releases later this year.

Atomic Heart – A Soviet-Inspired Horror Game

Atomic Heart
Immerse yourself in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union meets horror and combat. Atomic Heart, developed by Mundfish Games, takes you on an intense adventure battling undead workers and robots in an intriguing setting. With its captivating trailers and atmospheric gameplay reminiscent of BioShock, this game is bound to leave an impression. Keep an eye out for its release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Carrion – A Disgustingly Fun Pixel-Art Indie Game

Experience the thrill of being a gelatinous blob of carnivorous matter in Carrion. This horror game lets you crawl through a facility, absorbing humans in your path. With its pixel-art style and grotesque gameplay, Carrion is a game that’s hard to look away from. Developed by Transhuman Design, the minds behind Butcher, this game is sure to satisfy your hunger for a unique gaming experience.

My Summer Car – A Life Simulator with a Twist

My Summer Car
Step into the ’90s in Finland and immerse yourself in the ultimate car building and life simulation game. My Summer Car offers a realistic experience where you repair and build your own car while navigating daily life. From chopping wood to delivering it around an open-world, you’ll need to balance survival with your love for cars. But be careful, as permadeath awaits those who aren’t cautious. Get ready to hit the road in a few short months.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – A Unique Blend of Tactics and Stealth

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
Enter a post-apocalyptic world filled with tactics, stealth, and mutant animal companions in Mutant Year Zero. This game combines XCOM-style gameplay with an interesting universe, fresh stealth mechanics, and RPG elements. Navigate through challenging situations and enjoy the freedom of movement as you make your way through this compelling adventure. Look out for the release of this game later this year.

Ashen – A Souls-Like RPG with Cooperative Play

Experience a Souls-like adventure like never before in Ashen. With its strange yet intriguing characters and stamina-driven RPG mechanics, this indie RPG draws inspiration from Dark Souls. Dive into a dynamic open-world, engage in in-depth crafting, and focus on cooperative play as you survive and explore a mysterious world. Prepare yourself for the release of Ashen in 2018.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord – The Ultimate Medieval War Simulator

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord
Become the architect of your own destiny in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. Start as a humble character and rise through the ranks, from looting villages to commanding armies and conquering castles. This game offers an immersive medieval experience with a combat system that rewards proper swordplay and precise timing. With massive battles, dynamic sieges, and a dynamic economy, Mount and Blade II is the medieval game you’ve been waiting for.

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Q: When will these games be released?
A: The release dates for these games vary. Stay tuned for announcements from the developers for more information.

Q: What platforms will these games be available on?
A: Some of these games are multi-platform, while others may be exclusive to certain platforms. Keep an eye out for platform announcements from the developers.

Q: Can I pre-order these games?
A: Pre-order availability may vary for each game. Check with the developers or authorized retailers for pre-order options.

Q: Are there any demos or early access versions available?
A: Some of these games may have demos or early access versions available. Check the respective game’s official website or Steam for more details.

Q: Will these games have multiplayer functionality?
A: Multiplayer features vary for each game. Check with the developers or official websites for more information on multiplayer options.


These under-the-radar games offer a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry. With their unique gameplay, captivating stories, and innovative mechanics, they are sure to leave a lasting impression. Keep an eye out for their release dates and be prepared to embark on new and exciting adventures. Don’t miss out on these hidden gems that deserve your attention.