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A Fascinating Look into No Man’s Sky’s Diverse Creatures

No Man’s Sky is a game known for its vast and immersive universe, but one aspect that often goes overlooked is the diverse array of creatures that inhabit the planets. These creatures, like the planets themselves, are procedurally generated, resulting in a massive menagerie of unique animals. In this article, we will dive into the fascinating world of No Man’s Sky’s creature features and explore how Hello Games’ art team brought these creatures to life.

Drawing Inspiration from Earth’s Wildlife

When it came to designing the creatures, the art team at Hello Games turned to Earth’s own animal kingdom for inspiration. Grant Duncan, the art director, explains that they closely examined the anatomy and skeletal makeup of real-world animals. Surprisingly, they discovered that there are only a few basic skeletal templates that form the foundation for the vast majority of creatures. Even animals as different as dogs, cats, pigs, and rhinos share similarities when it comes to their skeletons. These basic templates, which the team refers to as “blueprints,” served as the starting point for creating the creatures of No Man’s Sky.

Infinite Variations Through Procedural Generation

Using in-house tools similar to those used to generate the game’s planets, stars, and galaxies, the art team was able to create an incredible variety of creatures. Beau Lamb, one of the game’s artists, showcased an animation of an aquatic creature to demonstrate this. The main window displayed a creature resembling a shark, while smaller windows showcased variations based on the same template. With the click of a button, the windows refreshed, revealing all-new animals with different configurations of fins, colors, textures, and more. The result is a surprising amount of diversity, ranging from creatures reminiscent of prehistoric beasts to vibrant and imaginative creations.

The Magic of Intelligent Animation

One of the challenges of creating such a vast array of creatures is animating them. In most games, animating each creature would require significant time and effort, as different rigs would need to be created for each one. However, Hello Games has developed an intelligent animation system that simplifies this process. Based on the creature’s randomly assigned values, the system automatically generates appropriate animations. Larger creatures move differently from smaller ones, and the system accounts for these differences. This intelligent animation system saves the team a tremendous amount of work and ensures that each creature moves in a realistic and believable manner.

Insights through Visual Cues

When encountering creatures in the wild, players can gather valuable information about them through a tagging system. Grant Duncan explains that by observing certain features or combinations, players can predict how a creature will sound and behave. For example, aggressive and menacing-looking creatures are likely to exhibit hostile behavior. However, this system also allows for surprises, as seemingly harmless creatures can turn out to be aggressive. Just like in the real world, appearances can be deceiving, adding an exciting element of unpredictability to the game.


Q: Are the creatures in No Man’s Sky purely cosmetic, or do they have a deeper role in the gameplay?
A: The creatures in No Man’s Sky serve various purposes within the game. They can be hunted, scanned, and even domesticated, offering players different opportunities for exploration and interaction.

Q: How many different types of creatures can be found in No Man’s Sky?
A: Due to the procedural generation system, the number of possible creatures in No Man’s Sky is virtually limitless. Every planet offers a unique assortment of wildlife, ensuring that players will always encounter something new and exciting.


No Man’s Sky’s creature features are a testament to the innovative approach taken by Hello Games’ art team. Through procedural generation and intelligent animation, they have brought to life a breathtaking variety of creatures that populate the game’s universe. From the familiar to the fantastical, these creatures add depth and immersion to the already impressive gameplay experience. So, the next time you find yourself exploring the vast reaches of No Man’s Sky, take a moment to appreciate the diverse wonders of its creature kingdom.

No Man's Sky Creature

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