Monday, 27 May 2024

Don’t play TFT Rankeds Today – Gamebreaking Bug TFT Patch 13.21

The Runeterra Reforged Championship patch got off to a rocky start. Riot Prism recently tweeted about some game-breaking bugs that are negatively impacting the player experience in Patch 13.21.

Double Bonuses from Demacia Radiant Items

One of the bugs affecting the game right now involves the Demacia Trait. Units equipped with Radiant Items are receiving double the bonuses. This issue occurs when the unit holding the Radiant item dies in the previous round. It’s important to note that Radiant Items are already quite powerful, which makes this bug even more problematic. If you’re planning to play ranked, be prepared to face these “buffed” Demacia units.

Player Damage Calculation Bug

The calculation for player damage, which is meant to balance the game in different stages, is currently bugged. Players are receiving more damage than intended, which accelerates the pace of the game. This bug is causing a significant imbalance and needs to be addressed promptly, especially for TFT Pro players participating in Regionals this weekend.

Scuttle Puddle Disabled

The Teamfight Tactics official team recently announced the disabling of the Scuttle Puddle regional portal due to a game-breaking bug. This decision also impacts Beats by Scuttle. Unfortunately, the portal will remain disabled until Patch 13.22, which means it won’t be available for the upcoming Tournament.


Q: Should I play ranked games in Patch 13.21?
A: It is recommended to avoid playing ranked games in Patch 13.21 due to the presence of game-breaking bugs. Wait for the hot-fix to ensure a better gaming experience.

Q: When will the Scuttle Puddle regional portal be reenabled?
A: The Scuttle Puddle regional portal will be reenabled in Patch 13.22 after the game-breaking bug has been fixed.

Q: Are there any other bugs affecting Patch 13.21?
A: The bugs mentioned in this article are the most significant ones reported so far. Keep an eye on official announcements for any updates.


Patch 13.21 of Teamfight Tactics has unfortunately been marred by game-breaking bugs. It is essential for Riot to address these issues promptly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. We recommend staying updated on official announcements and waiting for the hot-fix before diving into ranked games.