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Axiom Verge: A Love Letter to Metroid Fans

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Metroid fans have been eagerly anticipating a new 2D entry in the series since 2004. In the meantime, numerous Metroid-style games have been developed by fans, ranging from great attempts to not-so-great ones. However, none of them have come as close to capturing the aesthetic of Metroid as Axiom Verge. Developed by Tom Happ, this game is a stunning homage to Nintendo’s classic while also establishing its own unique identity.

A Captivating Journey

In Axiom Verge, you play as Trace, a character who finds himself in a strange place after a disastrous experiment in his lab. The world you explore is one massive interconnected cave network, with each zone having its own distinct identity, theme song, and enemy roster. While the influence of Metroid is evident in every environment, Axiom Verge manages to avoid feeling like a mere retread through familiar territory.

Challenging Exploration

The game combines straightforward hallways and vertical shafts with puzzles and gates that require you to acquire new abilities to progress. Unlike other games that rely on waypoints or markers, Axiom Verge encourages players to rely on their own wits and observations to uncover hidden power-ups and determine their next steps. This can be confusing and frustrating at times, but it adds a sense of challenge and discovery to the gameplay.

Unique Mechanics

Axiom Verge pays homage to the classic Metroid mechanics while adding its own unique twist. Instead of using bombs to open secret areas, Trace wields a versatile plasma drill that also serves as a melee attack option. Additionally, a small drone can be deployed to access tight spaces and complete puzzle challenges. This drone serves as a helpful scout, with its own health bar and the ability to regenerate infinitely. The Address Disruptor, a glitch gun, adds another layer of gameplay complexity by altering enemy behavior and forming platforms to overcome obstacles. These mechanics keep players constantly engaged and experimenting.

An Arsenal of Weapons

The game boasts an impressive arsenal of weapons that surpasses what is typically seen in the genre. From the standard pea shooter to shotguns, fireballs, lightning shots, and more, each gun offers a different playstyle. While the variety is commendable, some players may find themselves relying heavily on the homing missiles, as they are particularly effective. The weapon wheel, controlled by the right stick, allows for quick swapping, but it can lead to accidental pauses in the action.

Epic Boss Fights

Axiom Verge presents a range of challenging boss battles, from creatures like scorpions and wasps to massive laser-blasting plants. Each encounter requires a combination of reflexes, pattern recognition, and strategic weapon selection. Figuring out the weak spots and adapting your tactics with each attempt adds a satisfying layer of depth to the gameplay.

Unraveling the Story

One of the most surprising aspects of Axiom Verge is its rich and intriguing story, often neglected in the genre. The narrative starts off simple but gradually delves into scientific theory and explores deep philosophical concepts. Players can uncover additional layers of the story through collectible messages and translation keys, adding depth to the overall experience.

A Journey Worth Taking

Throughout my time with Axiom Verge, I was constantly captivated by its exploration, meaningful power-ups, and thrilling gunplay. Tom Happ’s solo effort is a testament to his incredible talent as a developer, delivering a complete package that excels in every aspect of game creation. Axiom Verge is a must-play for Metroid fans and anyone looking for a unique and engaging gaming experience.


  1. Can I speedrun Axiom Verge?
    • Yes! Axiom Verge includes a version specifically tuned for speedrunning. Cutscenes are removed, minor elements are standardized, and a timer keeps track of your progress. Livestreaming your speedruns via built-in PS4 Twitch support is highly encouraged.


Axiom Verge stands as a true love letter to Metroid fans, capturing the essence of the classic series while offering a fresh and exciting experience. From its captivating exploration to its unique mechanics and engaging story, this game is a testament to the talent and passion of its developer. Whether you’re a die-hard Metroid fan or simply in search of an exceptional gaming experience, Axiom Verge is a journey worth undertaking.

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