Sunday, 19 May 2024

Astral Chain Review: A Unique and Engrossing Action Game

PlatinumGames, renowned for their stylish-action games, has once again delivered a standout title with Astral Chain. This apocalyptic tale showcases acrobatic combat as its centerpiece, immersing players in a world where heroes and monsters clash in breathtaking battles. But Astral Chain offers more than just thrilling combat; it features meaningful world building, stunning science-fiction visuals, and a range of side activities that add depth to the experience.

An Engaging and Unconventional Narrative

Astral Chain takes place in the neon-lit megacity called the Ark, a thriving metropolis that stands as humanity’s last bastion against the dimension-jumping aliens known as Chimera. The game introduces a groundbreaking concept – the ability to tame Chimera and transform them into powerful weapons called Legion. However, only a select few possess the power to control these Legion, and two of them happen to be twins, of which the player chooses one to control.

While the narrative takes some unexpected tonal shifts, bouncing between somber moments and slapstick comedy, it still manages to captivate players. PlatinumGames’ decision to have the selected character remain silent while the twin sibling takes on a more prominent role may seem unusual, but it adds a unique dynamic to the storytelling.

Dynamic Dual-Character Gameplay

As players dive into the action, any initial awkwardness quickly dissipates. Astral Chain introduces an innovative dual-character system, allowing players to control both their character and the Legion chained to their wrist simultaneously. PlatinumGames has masterfully addressed the challenges that come with controlling two characters, ensuring that players never feel overwhelmed.

The Legion serves as a formidable ally, delivering powerful attacks that complement the player’s own combat skills. By coordinating their movements with the Legion, players can execute devastating combos and incapacitate enemies with strategic precision. Each of the five different Legion types brings a distinct combat style and enhances exploration possibilities, adding depth to both combat and puzzle-solving.

Immersive Side Missions and Rewards

Astral Chain does not limit itself to the main storyline; it provides a variety of engaging side missions that offer additional rewards. While some of these missions may seem mundane, such as delivering packages or assisting strangers with simple tasks, the rewards make them worthwhile. Players can power up themselves and their Legion, as well as unlock cosmetic items that add a touch of personalization to their character.

A Promising New Universe

Astral Chain offers a captivating and immersive experience that leaves players yearning for more. PlatinumGames has crafted a rich and intriguing universe that has the potential to expand beyond the game itself, captivating audiences through other mediums such as anime and movies. The dual-character gameplay mechanics make players feel like an unstoppable force, and while the narrative may have its moments of inconsistency, it still delivers memorable twists and great storytelling.

Q: Can I switch between the twin characters during gameplay?
A: No, the player selects one twin character to control throughout the game.

Q: Are there different difficulty levels in Astral Chain?
A: Yes, Astral Chain offers multiple difficulty levels to cater to different player preferences.

Q: Can I customize my character’s appearance?
A: While customization options are limited, players can unlock cosmetic items to personalize their character’s look.

Astral Chain stands as another testament to PlatinumGames’ prowess in creating captivating and innovative action games. With its dynamic combat system, immersive world-building, and engaging side activities, the game offers a unique and thrilling experience. Despite some narrative inconsistencies, Astral Chain is a must-play for fans of the genre and a promising entry in the PlatinumGames’ lineup. To embark on this exciting journey, visit Wqaindia.