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25 Fun and Unusual Activities in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a game that delves into the complex connection between religion and American violence, but beneath its serious exterior lies a world of wacky and unexpected adventures. Join us as we explore the craziest activities and missions you can experience in Hope County.

Note: We’ll be focusing on side missions and avoiding major story spoilers from Far Cry 5.

1. Fiery Bears and Outpost Mayhem

Ever wanted to set a bear on fire and watch it wreak havoc on an enemy outpost? In Far Cry 5, you can do just that. Commandeer a flaming bear and witness the chaos unfold as it tears through your foes.

2. Big Rigs and Roadblock Destruction

Early in the game, you gain access to a powerful big rig equipped with machine guns. Use this beast of a vehicle to plow through roadblocks set up by the cultists, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.

3. Supercharged Melee Attacks

Enhance your melee attacks by consuming drugs, allowing you to send enemies flying yards away with a single punch. Unleash your inner superhuman and take down foes with unparalleled force.

4. Baiting Mindless Drones

Craft bait to attract mindless drones, resembling zombies, and sic them on your enemies. Watch as these unsettling creatures create chaos and distract your adversaries while you take the upper hand.


5. Windshield Shattering Can Toss

While driving, test your aim by hurling an empty can at professional baseball pitcher speeds through your windshield, shattering it into pieces. It’s a bizarre skill to have, but it’s unique and entertaining nonetheless.

6. Bull Testicle Quest

Prepare yourself for a surprisingly detailed mission centered around bull testicles. We won’t divulge too much, but rest assured that it’s an eccentric and memorable experience.

7. A Cougar Named Peaches

One of your A.I. companions is a formidable cougar named Peaches. Show your appreciation for her skills by rewarding her with a well-deserved pet after she helps you eliminate an entire outpost of fools from the shadows.

8. The Dark Secret of the Highest Point

Climb to the highest point on Far Cry 5’s map and discover a secret that’s both pointy and painful. Brace yourself for an unexpected surprise that awaits those who dare to reach the summit.

9. Disco Inferno Trailer Park

Unleash the fury of your flamethrower upon a trailer park filled with mindless cultists, all while The Trammps’ “Disco Inferno” blares in the background. It’s a fiery spectacle that will make you feel like the star of your own action movie.

10. Fashionable Camo Shopping Spree

Indulge in your fashionista side by spending thousands of in-game dollars on various shades of camouflage outfits. Look the part while taking down your enemies in style.

11. Vulture Troubles and Key Recovery

Help a farmer recover a key that a mischievous vulture has swallowed by shooting down the bird. It’s an unusual task that adds an extra layer of adventure to your Far Cry 5 experience.

12. Unleash the Ray Gun

Unlock a ray gun in Far Cry 5 and embrace the sci-fi madness. Blast your enemies with futuristic firepower and feel like a true hero from another world.

13. Explosive Car Pursuit

Rig a cultist’s car to explode upon impact, then chase them along the highway as they desperately try to avoid hitting a rail. It’s a thrilling pursuit that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

14. Car-Battering Ram

Take matters into your own hands by rigging your car as an explosive battering ram. Leap out just in time before your vehicle crashes into its intended target, leaving chaos and destruction in your wake.

15. Deadly Shovel Throws

Dispatch an unsuspecting enemy by hurling a shovel at their face with deadly precision. It’s an unconventional yet effective method of eliminating your foes.

16. Bear Companions and Face-Eating

Befriend a bear and witness its fearsome power as it devours the faces of your enemies. It’s an unusual yet strangely satisfying way to gain the upper hand in combat.

17. Turkey-Kicking and Feather Trading

Kick a turkey to its demise, and then sell its feathers on the black market. Experience a momentary pang of guilt as you profit from your strange encounter with the unfortunate bird.

18. Aerial Drop Points

Unlock a skill that allows you to airdrop onto any location on the map. Choose your landing spot strategically and surprise your enemies from above.

19. Canine Weapon Fetching

Order your loyal dog buddy to maul an enemy and retrieve their weapon for you. It’s a clever way to arm yourself without exposing yourself to unnecessary danger.

20. ATV vs. Truck Showdown

Engage in a thrilling showdown by driving your ATV headlong into an enemy’s truck, causing it to sail over you and crash into a nearby tree. It’s a daring maneuver that displays your skill behind the wheel.


1. How can I set a bear on fire in Far Cry 5?

To set a bear on fire, equip a flamethrower and unleash its fiery power upon the unsuspecting creature. Watch as it becomes a fearsome weapon against your enemies.

2. Can I play Far Cry 5’s side missions without spoiling the main story?

Absolutely! Far Cry 5’s side missions provide unique gameplay experiences and exciting challenges without spoiling the major story beats. Feel free to explore and enjoy these missions at your own pace.


Far Cry 5 offers a wealth of quirky and memorable experiences that go beyond its serious themes. Embrace the unexpected and dive into the wacky world of Hope County, where anything is possible. Unlock your adventurous spirit and discover the wild side of Far Cry 5.

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