Friday, 24 May 2024

Alien: Isolation

In the thrilling game – Alien: Isolation, players are faced with the terrifying xenomorph. However, this sleek alien is not the only threat that protagonist Amanda Ripley must navigate. In addition to avoiding the deadly creature, she must also fend off attacks from humans and androids.

Human Encounters

During a recent E3 demo, we were introduced to a human survivor who wandered through the station. Clearly rattled, we gave him a wide berth, recognizing the potential danger. We observed that he was armed with a pistol, highlighting the importance of avoiding detection whenever possible. As we hid beneath a desk, we witnessed an intense battle between the survivor and the xenomorph. This demonstrated that even heavily armed individuals can easily fall victim to these relentless creatures.

The Android Mystery

Another intriguing aspect of the game showcased by Sega and Creative Assembly was the introduction of androids. These are not the sophisticated Weyland-Yutani models seen in the Alien movies. Instead, these androids are cheaper, rougher models created by a competitor. While some androids may not be hostile, they remain an unknown quantity. It is best to minimize their presence to increase chances of survival.

A Close Call with an Android

Despite our best efforts to remain undetected, one of the androids spots Amanda and begins to follow her. A melee attack proves futile as it remains unresponsive, its creepy white-ringed irises fixed upon her. The android grabs her by the throat, throwing her around with its formidable strength. However, Amanda manages to temporarily stun the android with an EMP grenade, allowing her to deliver a decisive blow to its metal head. As it falls, a pool of milky blood forms, providing a momentary respite from danger.

Journey Towards Safety

Alien: Isolation teaches players that safety is not something to be taken for granted. With multiple threats lurking around every corner, Amanda must constantly stay on the move, utilizing her resourcefulness to survive.


Q: How can players defend themselves against the xenomorph and other threats?
A: Players must rely on their wit and resourcefulness to evade and overcome the relentless xenomorph, as well as deal with human survivors and unpredictable androids. Discovering and utilizing various tools and items scattered throughout the game world will be crucial to survival.

Q: Is Alien: Isolation solely focused on survival horror, or does it contain other elements?
A: Alien: Isolation offers a unique blend of survival horror and stealth gameplay. Players will need to carefully strategize and make quick decisions to outsmart their enemies and progress through the game.

Q: Can players craft items in Alien: Isolation?
A: Yes, players can collect resources and craft items such as EMP grenades to temporarily disable androids. Utilizing the crafting system effectively will be essential for survival.


Alien: Isolation provides a thrilling and immersive gaming experience, where players must navigate a hostile environment filled with unpredictable threats. As Amanda Ripley, players must rely on their resourcefulness, wit, and strategic thinking to overcome the relentless xenomorph, survive encounters with humans, and outsmart the mysterious androids. With its unique blend of survival horror and stealth gameplay, Alien: Isolation is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. Embrace the challenge and embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of Alien: Isolation.

Alien: Isolation