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5 Best ADC to Climb Ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.14

When it comes to dominating the bot lane meta in League of Legends, engage supports have taken center stage. This has led to some exciting changes in the ADC role for Patch 13.14. In this article, we will explore the best 5 ADCs to play in this patch, offering insights into each champion’s strengths, weaknesses, and recommended builds.

Changes to the ADC Role in League of Legends Patch 13.14

Before diving into the list, let’s take a moment to discuss the significant changes made to the ADC role in Patch 13.14. This patch brings adjustments to items like Statikk Shiv, Galeforce, and Trinity Force, along with buffs to Infinity Edge’s critical damage. These changes have an impact on the late-game team fighting potential of ADCs, particularly for champions like Aphelios, who heavily rely on certain items.

League of Legends Patch 13.14 Changes


Xayah is back to our list.

Xayah has made a strong comeback after dominating the early part of Season 13. With her unique abilities and a perfect match for the heavy engage meta, Xayah finds herself in the 5th spot on our list. She synergizes well with engage supports like Rell, Nautilus, and Rakan. Xayah’s Featherstorm (R) allows her to handle various engages effectively.

However, playing Xayah requires an upfront playstyle to maximize her feather’s damage. The recent nerfs to Galeforce and Ghost have affected her ability to escape sticky situations. Additionally, her short range makes her vulnerable to certain champions. Nevertheless, Xayah is expected to rise in the upcoming patches.

Xayah Build

Recommended Xayah Build

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The most banned ADC in the game.

Samira, known for her snowballing potential and deadly combos, is the 4th spot on our list. Despite being the most banned ADC, her win rate does not reflect her ban rate. Samira excels in the dive meta, especially when champions like Rell and Nautilus are in the mix. With proper skill, she can single-handedly turn fights in her favor.

Mastering Samira can be challenging due to the need to adapt to various combos in different situations. Her close range makes her susceptible to pokes and crowd control, particularly from champions such as Janna. However, if you can overcome these challenges and utilize her ultimate, Inferno Trigger, effectively, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Samira Build

Recommended Samira Build

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The Frost Archer with Trinity still remains a powerhouse.

Ashe, the reliable ADC, secures the 3rd spot on our list. Despite the nerfs to Trinity Force, she continues to perform exceptionally well. Ashe’s ability to proc Spellblade and her synergy with Kraken Slayer makes her a formidable tank-shredding machine. In addition, her exceptional laning phase, long auto-attack range, and crowd control with Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ultimate) make her an outstanding pick.

Ashe does have weaknesses, such as her lack of mobility, making her an easy target for divers and strong assassins. Champions like Naafiri pose a significant threat to Ashe. However, if you understand her weaknesses and play accordingly, Ashe can be a strong pick, especially for beginners.

Ashe Build

Recommended Ashe Build

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No engage can stop his domination.

With the current engage meta and short-range ADCs, Ezreal takes the 2nd spot on our list. Ezreal’s playstyle aligns well with the heavy engage meta, and the recent buffs to Trinity Force have greatly benefited him. The Prodigal Explorer shines in dealing damage and excels if you can hit skill shots consistently.

Although Ezreal is a potent champion, he is one of the hardest ADCs to master. To succeed with Ezreal, you must position yourself correctly, utilize his passive effectively, and have precise accuracy with skill shots. Failure to do so can severely impact your performance. He may fall short against the most popular and powerful champion of this patch.

Ezreal Build

Recommended Ezreal Build

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She’s still the Queen of bot lane.

Securing the 1st spot on our list is Kai’Sa, one of the best ADCs currently. Despite the nerfs to Statikk Shiv, Kai’Sa remains incredibly strong. She thrives in the engage meta, thanks to her great follow-up potential with Void Seeker (W) and Killer Instinct (Ultimate). Her versatility allows her to deal damage while remaining elusive with her evolved E.

Kai’Sa’s ability to build both AP and AD items makes it hard for opponents to counter her through itemization. Additionally, her popularity speaks volumes about her strength, as she is the most popular champion across all roles in League of Legends.

Kai'Sa Build

Recommended Kai’Sa Build

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Honorable Mentions

In addition to our top 5 picks, there are a few honorable mentions worth noting:

  • Miss Fortune: A great beginner-friendly ADC, especially when paired with Nautilus.
  • Draven: A high skill-cap champion with favorable matchups against many popular picks.
  • Jhin: Thrives in engage support setups but falls off in the late game. Be cautious of the recent Galeforce nerf when playing Jhin.


Q: Which ADC is the easiest to play as a beginner?
A: Miss Fortune is an excellent choice for beginners due to her user-friendly mechanics and synergies with certain supports.

Q: Which ADC has the highest win rate in Patch 13.14?
A: Draven currently boasts one of the highest win rates among ADCs, making him a formidable pick for those who can master his unique playstyle.

Q: How can I counter Kai’Sa in the bot lane?
A: Kindred is a champion that can effectively counter Kai’Sa. For more counters and strategies, refer to Counterstats.


In League of Legends Patch 13.14, these 5 ADCs stand out as the top picks for climbing ranks. Each champion brings their unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. Whether you prefer Xayah’s feathered frenzy, Samira’s flashy combos, Ashe’s reliability, Ezreal’s skillful dominance, or Kai’Sa’s versatility, there is a champion in this list that suits your playstyle.

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