Friday, 17 May 2024

10 Tips To Lead Your Heroes To Victory In Fire Emblem: Three Houses

With its expansive world and intricate gameplay mechanics, Fire Emblem: Three Houses can be an overwhelming experience for newcomers. As an experienced player who has delved deep into the game, I have gathered valuable insights on how to guide your students to success and emerge victorious in battle. Here are ten essential tips that will make your journey through the game more manageable and enjoyable.

Choose Your House Wisely and Embrace Diversity

When selecting a house, consider the time you will spend with its members. Each house has its strengths and unique characters, so pick one that resonates with you. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice. However, it is crucial to understand that the leaders of each house play a significant role in the game’s story and events. Pay attention to their leadership style and ideologies. Regardless of your choice, conflicting situations will arise, and you will have to make tough decisions. Keep in mind that playing through the game multiple times will reveal different perspectives and storylines.

Effectively Utilize Your Teaching Time

Managing your teaching time is crucial to ensure your students’ growth. Create a schedule that strikes a balance between instructing your students, building relationships, and allowing them to rest. Resting is essential to maintain your students’ motivation, but be mindful of overdoing it. On free days, consider exploring the monastery grounds, engaging in auxiliary battles to level up your students, attending seminars, or resting. By diversifying your activities, you can make the most out of every week and foster your students’ development.

Invest in Developing the Right Skills

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you have control over your characters’ classes and weapon mastery. To build versatile units, encourage your students to become proficient in multiple weapons. This will provide you with a broader range of strategic options during battles. Be mindful of the skill requirements for each class and plan ahead to ensure your students meet them. Balancing your time between lessons, seminars, and battles can help you efficiently develop the necessary skills.

Explore and Interact with the Monastery

After completing main missions, take the time to explore the monastery. This allows you to unlock new dialogues, side quests, and special events. By engaging in conversations with various characters, you can deepen your relationships and uncover new opportunities. Utilize the monastery’s resources to cook together, have tea parties, garden, and fish. These activities contribute to character development, improve relationships, and provide valuable rewards. Don’t forget to search the premises for hidden treasures and lost items, as they can enhance your gaming experience.

Undertake Extra Missions for Rewards and Experience

Make sure to tackle extra missions that become available after completing main story missions. These quests not only provide additional rewards but also unlock new shops and battalion options. These shops offer materials for weapon upgrades and repairs, as well as unique gifts that can strengthen your relationships with other characters. Completing these missions also allows you to level up your characters quickly and gain valuable insights into their backstories.

Leverage the Blacksmith

The blacksmith plays a vital role in enhancing your combat prowess. Regularly visit the blacksmith to craft stronger weapons and maximize their durability. Consider the enemy types you will face during battles and tailor your weapon selection accordingly. Maintaining a diverse arsenal will give you a strategic advantage on the battlefield. A broken weapon can significantly weaken your attacks, so keep an eye on their durability.

Harness the Power of Saint Statues

Upon completing the game’s introductory segment, you unlock saint statues that provide various bonuses. These bonuses include skill enhancements, increased experience gains, and the ability to rewind time during battles. Accumulate renown through quests and battles to invest in these statues and bolster your unit’s growth. Make it a habit to revisit the statues in the cathedral periodically to take advantage of their benefits.

Deploy Battalions for Success

Battalions are a valuable asset on the battlefield. Hire and level up different battalions to support your units. Each battalion offers unique abilities, such as status effects, healing, and defensive support. They can turn the tide in challenging battles and provide a safety net against counterattacks. Be mindful of your battalion’s health, as excessive damage can render them unavailable for future battles.

Maintain Multiple Saves

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers branching paths and alternative storylines. To explore different outcomes, keep multiple save files at crucial decision points. This allows you to return to these pivotal moments and experience alternative routes. Additionally, New Game Plus becomes accessible after completing one playthrough, enabling you to carry over certain progressions and unlock new features. Multiple saves provide the opportunity to revisit and experiment with various scenarios.

Divine Pulse: Rewind Time When Needed

Permadeath adds an extra layer of tension to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. To mitigate the consequences of a wrong move or unfortunate luck, utilize the Divine Pulse feature. This ability allows you to reverse time and rectify any missteps or miscalculations during battles. While limited in its use, Divine Pulse offers a valuable lifeline. As you progress, you may even unlock additional uses of this ability. Embrace the power of Divine Pulse to safeguard your units and navigate challenging encounters effectively.


Q: How many houses are there in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?
A: Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers three distinct houses: Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer. Each house presents a unique storyline and characters, providing different perspectives on the game’s events.

Q: Can I recruit characters from other houses?
A: Yes, it is possible to recruit characters from other houses. However, it requires impressing them with your professor skills and meeting certain criteria. Building relationships and showcasing your knowledge and abilities will increase your chances of successfully recruiting characters.

Q: Are there multiple endings in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?
A: Yes, Fire Emblem: Three Houses features multiple endings depending on the choices you make throughout the game. Each house has its unique storyline, and exploring different routes will reveal diverse outcomes and perspectives.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses presents a vast and immersive world filled with strategic challenges and compelling narratives. By utilizing these ten tips, you can navigate the game’s complexities with confidence and lead your heroes to victory. Remember to plan your time wisely, develop diverse skills, interact with the characters in the monastery, and make strategic decisions throughout your journey. With dedication and careful guidance, you can shape the destinies of your students and uncover the captivating stories within Fire Emblem: Three Houses.