Sunday, 26 May 2024

The Rise of Veigar ADC: Unlocking the Tiny Master of Evil’s Potential

Have you ever considered playing Veigar as an ADC? Well, it seems that Riot Games didn’t anticipate the significant impact of their recent buffs on the bot lane presence of Veigar. This unexpected turn of events has led to Veigar ADC gaining popularity, even making appearances in professional play. With an impressive 53% win rate across all skill levels, Veigar ADC is proving to be a formidable force on the Rift.

Unleashing the Power: Veigar’s ADC Buffs

In Patch 13.4 of League of Legends, Riot Games made some adjustments to Veigar’s cast range, leading to significant improvements in his mid lane performance. Surprisingly, these changes had an even more profound effect on his viability as an ADC. The adjustments increased the range of his Baleful Strike (Q) from 950 to 1050 and Dark Matter (W) from 900 to 950. While these may seem like minor tweaks, they have addressed some of Veigar’s previous weaknesses.

Previously, Veigar ADC had to put himself in precarious positions during trades, especially against champions with long-range skill shots like Ezreal’s Mystic Shot (Q) or Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q). Veigar simply didn’t have the tools to effectively respond. However, these buffs have made a world of difference in his laning phase. The increased range has not only made trading more bearable but has also made it more oppressive. Additionally, landing combos has become easier after placing down Veigar’s Event Horizon (E).

The Perfect Synergy: Veigar ADC’s Ideal Partners

Veigar ADC has found excellent synergy with certain support champions, particularly those with crowd control abilities. The resurgence of Thresh and other engage champions has made Veigar a great choice for shutting down powerful ADCs like Kai’Sa and Jinx. LoL Dobby, a Master Korean Player, has shared valuable insights on the best duo combos for Veigar ADC.

  • Alistar + Veigar: Headbutt (W) can push enemies into Veigar’s cage.
  • Ziggs + Veigar: Satchel Charge (W) can also push enemies into the cage.
  • Lux + Veigar: This combo is similar to Caitlyn’s.
  • Poppy + Veigar: The combination of Poppy’s abilities and Veigar’s cage can be deadly.
  • Any CC support like Rakan: CC supports can also work effectively with Veigar ADC.

Ali+Veigar Duo

While Thresh, Blitzcrank, and Nautilus (excluding Pyke) provide the strongest synergy due to their hook abilities, it is important to note that mastery of these duos comes through practice. If you have a Duo partner, be sure to explore the potential of Veigar ADC with these combinations.

It’s worth mentioning that there are ways to counterplay against the Tiny Master of Evil. Enemy ADCs can opt for Cleanse to avoid the stun from Veigar’s Event Horizon. Alternatively, selecting heavy engage duos can punish Veigar’s weak early game. However, with proper play and positioning, Veigar ADC can navigate these challenges and come out on top in most games.

While Veigar ADC has gained attention recently, it’s not an entirely new concept. This off-meta pick was also popular in the bot lane in 2019 and 2022. Despite its success, Riot Games did not anticipate the rise of Veigar ADC. Consequently, they have already planned nerfs for the manic yordle in Patch 13.6. So, if you want to enjoy the power of Veigar ADC, now is the time to take advantage of his current strength.

To master Veigar ADC, why not learn from the best? Follow the guides of the most dedicated Veigar enthusiasts on Mobafire. Good luck as you tap your way to victory against enemy ADCs in your norms and ranked games!


Q: Is Veigar ADC viable in high elo?
A: Yes, Veigar ADC has proven to be viable in high elo games, thanks to his improved range and synergies with certain supports.

Q: How do I counter Veigar ADC?
A: To counter Veigar ADC, you can opt for Cleanse to avoid his stun or select heavy engage duos to punish his weak early game.

Q: Is Veigar ADC a situational pick?
A: While Veigar ADC is considered an off-meta pick, it has found success and can be a strong choice in certain team compositions.


The rise of Veigar ADC has surprised many, but it’s a testament to the flexibility and creativity of League of Legends players. With the recent buffs and the right support, Veigar ADC has become a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a fresh and exciting way to dominate the bot lane, give Veigar ADC a try. Remember, the power of the Tiny Master of Evil lies in your hands!