Sunday, 26 May 2024

Afro Samurai Review

Licensed games often struggle to capture the essence of the original content, but Afro Samurai breaks the mold with its unique style and captivating storytelling. While there are some technical issues and design choices that can be frustrating, the overall experience successfully bridges the gap between anime and gaming.

A Memorable Sword-Fighting Experience

The heart of Afro Samurai lies in its intense sword battles. With careful timing and keen observation of enemy techniques, players must master the art of combat. Combos unlock gradually, adding an increasing level of skill to the gameplay. It’s important to note that a hack and slash approach won’t suffice here. The game requires a fast-paced juggling of enemies, alternating with the frequent use of a powerful slowdown mechanic to finish off foes. This challenge makes each encounter both thrilling and enjoyable.

A Camera Perspective Conundrum

While combat shines, the viewing angle can be a source of frustration. The developer opted for an approach that sometimes puts the perspective in the player’s hands and other times takes it away. As a result, players often find themselves facing an extra enemy: the camera. This issue can hinder the overall experience but doesn’t overshadow the game’s strengths.

Platforming Pitfalls

Unfortunately, the platforming sections of Afro Samurai don’t hold up as well as the combat. Simple leaps often result in fatal falls, and the movement controls feel rigid, limiting the character’s sense of freedom and agility. The boss battles fall somewhere in between. Some are exhilarating, including a thrilling midair encounter. However, others can be tedious due to punishing individual attacks that require trial and error to overcome.

A Sophisticated Script and Intriguing Story

Beyond the mechanics, Afro Samurai excels in its sophisticated script and captivating story. The main character’s quest for revenge is intensified by his unhinged nature. He’s an anti-hero whose success you may not necessarily root for, even as you control him throughout his journey. Fans of the animated version will appreciate how the game expands the mythology and diverges from the animated story at crucial moments.

The Complete Package

With its remarkable hip-hop infused soundtrack and strong voice acting from the show’s lead actors, Afro Samurai offers a truly immersive experience. Action fans eager for a bloody exploration into the nature of vengeance will find this game worthwhile.


Q: Is Afro Samurai suitable for players new to the genre?
A: While Afro Samurai offers a unique and engaging experience, it may be more enjoyable for players who are familiar with action games.

Q: Can I play Afro Samurai without watching the animated series?
A: Absolutely! The game expands the mythology and stands on its own, providing a fresh take on the story.


Afro Samurai successfully captures the essence of its source material, delivering a stylish and engaging gaming experience. Despite some technical flaws and design choices, the game’s complex combat, intriguing story, and immersive audio make it a standout title. Give in to the call of vengeance and embark on this bloody journey.