Thursday, 23 May 2024

Alicia Vikander On Reinventing The Role Of Lara Croft

Alicia Vikander takes on the iconic role of Lara Croft in the latest film adaptation of the Tomb Raider series. In this new cinematic version, Vikander portrays a different kind of Lara Croft, focusing more on survival skills rather than being just an action hero. Ahead of the movie’s release in March, we had the opportunity to sit down with Vikander and discuss the character’s long history.

The Evolution of Lara Croft

A Strong Female Character

Lara Croft has been a prominent figure in the gaming world for over 22 years. She has become a great role model, representing a strong, smart, and curious woman. Throughout the various iterations of the character, from the original to the reboot and Angelina Jolie’s portrayal, Lara Croft has remained a captivating and relatable figure. Over time, she has grown and evolved alongside society, adapting to reflect the changing world around her.

An Urban Explorer

One notable difference in the new movie is that Lara Croft is portrayed as more of an urban explorer than the traditional heiress. This fresh take on the character adds a new dimension to her story. We get to witness her first adventure, as she navigates a world closer to our own reality. Vikander brings a physicality to the role, showing the plausible steps that shape Lara into the resilient survivor we know her to be.

Relationships and Independence

While the original Lara Croft was often seen as a lone wolf in her adventures, the rebooted Lara is more defined by her relationships with other characters. However, this does not undermine her independence or strength as a character. She stands on her own, but her connections with others allow us to explore her world and gain deeper insights into her personality.

The Future of Lara Croft

Drawing from Adventure Genre Influences

The new Tomb Raider movie draws inspiration from adventure films like Indiana Jones. However, it aims to carve its own path and offer a fresh take on the genre. Vikander grew up watching and loving adventure films, and being a part of this project allowed her to immerse herself in the beautifully crafted sets, reminiscent of childhood dreams of temples and tombs. Lara Croft and Indiana Jones are different characters, each embarking on their own unique journeys.

The Changing Perception of Lara Croft

Moving Beyond Sexuality

One significant change in the portrayal of Lara Croft is the shift away from the heavy emphasis on her sexuality seen in the original version. This change reflects the evolution of society’s views on attractiveness and what is considered sexy. The rebooted game and Vikander’s interpretation of the character showcase a more nuanced and well-rounded Lara Croft, highlighting her survival skills and character traits rather than her physical appearance.

Creating the Ideal Tomb Raider Game

Story Focus and Adventure

If given the opportunity to create her own Tomb Raider game, Vikander would prioritize a strong focus on the story. She loved the last two games for their immersive storytelling experience, which drew her in, much like the point-and-click games she enjoyed in her youth. Her ideal game would continue to build on this foundation, with well-crafted writing at its core. The action and excitement would follow, but it is the essence of a compelling story that truly matters.

With Alicia Vikander’s fresh take on the character and the continued popularity of the Tomb Raider franchise, fans can look forward to more captivating adventures with Lara Croft. The new Tomb Raider movie hits theaters on March 16, and Square-Enix has announced a new Tomb Raider game to be revealed later this year.


Q: Is Alicia Vikander the first actress to play Lara Croft?
A: No, Angelina Jolie previously portrayed Lara Croft in the early 2000s movies.

Q: How has Lara Croft evolved over the years?
A: Lara Croft has evolved alongside society, reflecting the changes in the world and becoming a strong and relatable female character.

Q: Will there be a new Tomb Raider game?
A: Yes, Square-Enix has announced a new Tomb Raider game set to be revealed later this year.


Alicia Vikander brings a fresh perspective to the role of Lara Croft in the newest Tomb Raider adaptation. Her portrayal focuses on the character’s survival skills, creating a more realistic and relatable version of Lara. With a rich history spanning over two decades, Lara Croft continues to captivate audiences and evolve with the times. The new Tomb Raider movie and upcoming game offer exciting new adventures for fans to explore.