Thursday, 16 May 2024

Patch 14.5 PBE Preview

The upcoming Patch 14.5 is bringing a range of exciting changes to the game. In this preview, we’ll explore the new cosmetics, major champion updates, and significant item changes that will be introduced. So let’s dive in and see what’s in store for players!

New Cosmetics

Patch 14.5 will introduce three new PROJECT skins – PROJECT: Gangplank, PROJECT: Jax, and PROJECT: Naafiri. Each skin will come with its own assortment of chromas for those looking to add some flair to their champions. Additionally, the Lunar Revel celebration continues with the addition of new Chromas for Porcelain skins available in the Event Shop.

Image: Patch 14.5 PBE Preview

Major Champion Changes

Several champions will receive buffs and adjustments in Patch 14.5. Junglers like Jarvan IV, Kayn (Rhaast), Wukong, and Rek’Sai can expect improved abilities and gameplay. For example, Rek’Sai’s mini rework aims to enhance her damage potential with her ultimate and Furious Bite. Wukong’s passive, Stone Skin, is being modified to allow for more strategic stacking. Kayn’s Darkin form will receive a significant boost to his healing capabilities. Jarvan IV will see improvements to his armor growth and reduced cooldown on his Dragon Strike.

In the bot lane, attention is being given to Kog’Maw and Sivir. Kog’Maw’s Void Ooze will now apply a more substantial slow, giving him an edge in engagements. Sivir will receive a small increase in base armor, making her more resilient.

In the mid lane, Vex and Veigar are being buffed in the damage department. Veigar’s Baleful Strike will have an increased AP ratio, while Vex’s Doom ‘n Gloom will also see improvements. Additionally, Veigar’s ultimate will have a decreased cooldown.

On the other hand, some junglers will be receiving nerfs, including Bel’Veth, Evelynn, Brand, Nidalee, and Zac. These adjustments aim to balance the game by slightly reducing the damage output of Evelynn, Zac, and Nidalee, while making Bel’Veth less tanky. Brand’s Pyroclasm will have a longer cooldown and lower damage.

Senna and Vayne, in the bot lane, can also expect some minor adjustments. Vayne’s mobility will be slightly reduced, while Senna’s Piercing Darkness will have a lower AD scaling.

Lastly, AD Twisted Fate will be reigned in to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience. His passive, Stacked Deck, will provide less attack speed, and the bonus AD ratio will be significantly reduced.

Champion Balance Adjustments

Seraphine, Smolder, and Yorick will receive a mix of buffs and nerfs to help them fit better into the meta. Seraphine’s overall stats will be improved, including base attack damage, mana growth, mana regeneration growth, and base movement speed. Her abilities, including High Note, Surround Sound, Beat Drop, and Encore, will also undergo adjustments to enhance gameplay.

Smolder’s Super Scorcher Breath will no longer deal true damage based on the target’s maximum health but will instead scale off Smolder’s bonus AD, AP, and Dragon Practice stacks. MMOOOMMMM!’s base damage will be reduced, but the healing will scale with bonus AD. As for Yorick, the damage of Mourning Mist will be reduced, but the Eulogy of the Isles Maiden will become much tankier.

Major Item Changes

Patch 14.5 will bring some small buffs to support upgrades like Dream Maker and Celestial Opposition. These items will see improvements in damage reduction, bonus damage, slow duration, and intensity.

Heartsteel’s Collosal Consumption will have a reduced base damage but an increased health ratio. Sunfire Cape will have increased health, making it a more appealing option for players.

A few items, such as Frozen Heart and Hextech Rocketbelt, will receive slight price increases. Frozen Heart will provide slightly less armor but will cost slightly more. Hextech Rocketbelt will also be a bit more expensive but will grant players more ability power.

Solstice Sleigh will undergo some nerfs, including increased cooldown and a lower movement speed buff. The health bonus from Going Sledding will now scale with the user’s level.


Q: When will Patch 14.5 be released?
Patch 14.5 is scheduled to go live on March 6th. However, please note that some changes may still be tweaked or reconsidered by Riot before the official release.


Patch 14.5 is shaping up to be an exciting update for players. With the introduction of new cosmetics, champion changes, and item adjustments, the meta will be refreshed and bring new strategies and opportunities for players to explore. Stay tuned for more announcements and future articles from Wqaindia to keep you informed on all the latest updates!