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NCAA Decides Not To Renew EA Sports Contract: What Does This Mean for College Football Fans?

The NCAA recently announced that they will not be renewing their licensing agreement with EA Sports, leading to speculation about the future of college football video games. In response, EA provided a statement indicating their intention to continue developing and publishing college football games, albeit without the NCAA names and marks. This article aims to explore the implications of this decision and shed light on what fans can expect moving forward.

EA Sports’ Plans for College Football

According to EA, they are committed to delivering an exciting college football gaming experience, even without the NCAA branding. Their strong relationship with the Collegiate Licensing Company will enable them to feature college teams, leagues, and innovative gameplay on next-generation consoles. This decision presents an opportunity for EA to explore new creative possibilities and deliver even more immersive college football experiences to fans.

EA Sports

A New Direction for College Football Games

While the absence of the NCAA name and logo may initially seem concerning, it’s important to note that this decision does not signal the end of EA’s college football franchise. Brett McMurphy of ESPN has received information from sources indicating that EA Sports will continue to produce college football video games beyond 2014, albeit without an official NCAA affiliation. EA’s goal is to maintain the essence of college football while navigating the changing landscape of licensing agreements.

The Lawsuit and Its Impact

It’s worth mentioning that the NCAA’s decision is in response to an ongoing lawsuit alleging antitrust violations. Athletes involved in this class-action suit seek compensation for the use of their likenesses in video games, including NCAA Football. While the trial is scheduled to begin in February 2014, it’s uncertain how this legal battle will impact the future of college football video games.


Q: Will EA Sports’ college football games still feature real college teams?

A: Yes, despite the absence of the NCAA branding, EA Sports will continue to include real college teams in their games.

Q: How will this decision impact the gameplay experience?

A: While specific details are not yet available, EA Sports is committed to delivering the same level of innovation and excitement that fans have come to expect from their college football games.

Q: What can we expect from the next-generation college football game?

A: EA Sports is already working on a new game for next-generation consoles, which is set to launch next year. Fans can anticipate enhanced graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and an immersive college football experience.


Although the NCAA’s decision not to renew their contract with EA Sports may raise concerns among college football fans, the future of college football video games remains promising. EA Sports is determined to continue delivering exciting and immersive experiences, featuring real college teams and pushing the boundaries of innovation. While the legal landscape may present challenges, the enthusiasm and passion for college football shared by both EA Sports and its fans will undoubtedly drive the future of this beloved gaming franchise. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as EA Sports navigates this new era of college football gaming.

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