Monday, 27 May 2024

An Insightful Discussion with Hideo Kojima: Unveiling the Enigma of Death Stranding

Death Stranding

The gaming industry was abuzz with excitement following the release of Death Stranding, the debut game from Kojima Productions, at Sony’s E3 press conference. Hideo Kojima, the renowned game developer, writer, and director, left everyone guessing about the nature of this enigmatic project. Is it science fiction? Horror? A reflection on life and death? In a recent interview, Kojima shed light on the inspiration behind Death Stranding and the vision for his new company.

Life as an Independent Game Developer

When asked about his experience as an independent game developer, Kojima shared that not much has changed for him in recent years. He no longer finds himself stuck in meetings, enjoying a newfound freedom. However, he also acknowledged the potential drawback of working independently – the limited exposure to different perspectives. To compensate for this, Kojima actively seeks inspiration from various sources, such as books, movies, and traveling.

Exploring Sony’s Culture and Resources

Kojima’s collaboration with Sony raised questions about his visits to different Sony development studios. He clarified that these visits served multiple purposes. Firstly, he was searching for an engine and tools to bring his vision to life. Secondly, he needed to find suitable facilities and assemble a talented team. Lastly, he wanted to understand Sony’s culture and determine if it aligned with his team’s needs.

The Growth of Kojima Productions

Kojima revealed that while Kojima Productions is currently based in Tokyo, their team is steadily expanding. Initially, the team consisted of only four members, including Kojima himself. However, since the announcement of their first title, the team has received an overwhelming response, with numerous applicants vying for the opportunity to work with them. With a teaser already in development and the game gaining traction, Kojima is excited about the potential for further growth in the team.

Unveiling the Inspirations

Delving into the inspiration behind Death Stranding, Kojima mentioned his admiration for the author Kōbō Abe. He drew parallels between his game and Abe’s stories, particularly “The Box Man” and “Rope.” Just as Abe explores the themes of isolation and connection through his work, Kojima aims to incorporate these concepts into Death Stranding. The game will not solely rely on traditional “sticks” as weapons but will also emphasize the importance of using “ropes” to forge connections with other players.

Collaboration with Norman Reedus

Kojima’s decision to collaborate with actor Norman Reedus was highly anticipated, considering their previous partnership on the canceled PT project. Kojima expressed his admiration for Reedus and his work on “The Walking Dead.” It was through mutual friend Guillermo del Toro that Kojima was able to connect with Reedus. Although del Toro is not involved in Death Stranding, Kojima expressed his desire to collaborate with him in the future.

The Development Journey

As for the current stage of development, Kojima revealed that the team is still in the process of selecting the engine. They have narrowed down their options to two candidates, and extensive testing will be conducted to ensure the best fit for the game. While the core imagery and concept of the world are already established, Kojima is now focused on crafting the story and characters. Once the engine is chosen, full-scale development will commence.


1. Will Death Stranding be released on multiple platforms?
Yes, Death Stranding will be available on multiple platforms, ensuring a wider reach for players to experience this unique game.

2. Can you provide a release date for Death Stranding?
As of now, no specific release date has been announced. However, fans eagerly anticipate further updates on this captivating project.


Hideo Kojima’s interview offered valuable insights into the development of Death Stranding and the journey of Kojima Productions. From exploring his experience as an independent developer to the inspirations behind the game, Kojima’s vision promises a truly innovative and thought-provoking gaming experience. As the team at Kojima Productions continues to expand and refine their project, fans eagerly await the unveiling of Death Stranding, a game that aims to redefine the boundaries of storytelling in the gaming industry. For more information about Kojima Productions and their projects, visit Wqaindia.